Everything Goth!

It’s Dark! It’s Quirky! It’s Mystery! It’s Gothic!


The Goth era was brought to life in the 18th and 19th century through the Victorian fiction. Gothic genre is a dark streak that will never go out of spot in this world. It has dwell among us for a longer period of time to cry immortality. The Gothic revolution has withstood and prevailed various cultural reformations and has grown to spell us within its clasps. In this 21st century people use goth in their everyday lifestyle, it has become a part of them as the night to the day and vice versa. Some might still look at this genre as a taboo or a cult yet inherently they have a dark side that they try to hide from the world. The “Goth” is that “element” of everyone that we fail to acknowledge within us.

The Gothic Punk originated from the Bauhuas, Banshees, and the Siouxsie. With a disturbing eclectic sub-cultural punk music Goth was born. Seductive Vampire looks, dark lips, and velvet black gowns, long cavalry coats with a mix of horror, seduction and mystery is all that is to be Gothic. The Gothic Fashion has much stayed with us since the 70’s. It rewinds us to John Carpenter and Tim Burton’s movies. Inspired by the Victorians and Elizabethans, the Gothic aesthetic has become a part of our popular culture. Tattoos, Body Piercings, Long Boots, Skull Motifs, Spiked Cuffs and Bold Accessories with religious or occult themes add more expression to the Gothic Style. One knows how Alexander McQueen’s 19th century brand took the world by storm with the Victorian Gothic clothing.

From the famous French designer Jean Paul Gaultier to Japanese musician Mana Sama use the Gothic essentials to their work. In fact Mana Sama’s label has universalized Japan’s Gothic Lolita fashion movement. Vintage Gothic brand has also opened its outlet in India recently. Gothic clothing which is mostly traditional has been modernized with the casual wear in daily life.

Goth glam has carried on its legacy and is still a part of today’s fashion fiesta. From Marc Jacob’s fall 2016 til every other Fall Winter 2016 Fashion Season it echoed the 80’s gloom punk style, which only shows our endless desire for the dark fashion.

Here are some insights for a Gothic Glam Look:

1. Goth Attitude, First and foremost a Gothic Look is all about ‘Attitude’, if you can carry the dark attitude you possess, you have already pulled it off.

2. Gothic Hair usually goes with rich attractive colors. For a more bold look try jet textures like black, Red, Bronze with hair DEC of edgy crafty clips, pins of jewelry or net and also horns.

3. Gothic Look can be attained through makeup. Unless you are inherently born with these looks. Focus more on the eyes and lips. Extra eye lashes, eye art and bold rich gaudy colors makes the theme attractive and alive.

4. Gothic Clothing Line includes jackets, mini, long skirts with dark corsets, mostly black or rich maroon with velvet textured or faux leather finish. If you are looking for Medieval go for hooded style, the Victorian Style include long Cavalry Jackets and gothic trench coat, steam punk style. Go for designs with arrow studded, ribbed and monster aesthetic based to give more Urban Gothic feel. if you want to be more chic then try Gothic Lolita. And if you want it to be more sexy then corsets and lace is your thing.

5. Gothic Hair and Eye Accessories fashion usually goes with top hats, hair clips and decks that accessorizes the hair adding to your bold figure along with the eye masks like masquerade, or eye patch with studded or laced filling your cosplay.

6. Gothic Nails, not to forget the Gothic punk nail art, jeweled nail rings. with acrylic and claw designed art. Co relating to your costume, theme and make-up.

7. Gothic Shoes, these Gothic musts are one of my favorites “Shoes” wearing low or high ankle boots, high heels, knee boots, buckle strapped, gladiator gun heels, gladiator platform pumps, to match your dress. Gives you that tall and confident composure that compliments your figure.

8. Added Gothic Accessories, Gothic Look is never complete without these extra accessories that compliment and makes it more volatile – vintage gothic jewelry, chokers, arm gloves, jeweled bracelets, bangles, jeweled  nail rings, charm bracelet with rings, laced anklet, a bold cross or a skull pendant. Added to these a must is a faux leather gothic punk or retro leggings that gives you the sexy finish to your legs and of course the goth handbag to finish with.

Being Goth is not just about dressing up, it’s about how you carry your personality – bold, reckless, tall, mysterious, seductive, sexy, pricey and rude. Hey..! They don’t just say “Goth at heart” for no reason. It comes at a price!  Why do you think people still are drawn to vampires, horrors and dark movies. Cause there is something sexy and mysterious about this genre that keeps you tempted attracted to it.

Goth is not just being fashionable it’s pushing our boundaries and limits to twist our imagination to see what we can create when we tap our other side. Do leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

“If you don’t have any shadows you are not standing in the light.” – Lady Gaga, The Pop Goth known for her over-dramatic fashion syndrome who likes to wear her part as she sings it.

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