Missing You

On cold cold nights
Alone in bed
Your foggy sighs
Stoke up the fire
Of memories past:
Resurfaces warmth
Of days gone by
A blanket of reminiscence
Old friends
Old dreams
Old conversations
Smiles frozen for posterity
Like photos in a frame
You travel again
Those same very paths
Say and hear same old things
Time pauses
And then rushes past
Years feel like days
And seconds stretch into months

Friends of your youth
Their laughter echoes in your heart
You think of them and sigh
And your breath burns the air
A trail of vapour
Full of your longing
Rushes off into the night
Mingling with the cold fog
It cascades and flows and floats along
Borne along by the wind
Buoyed up by your longing
It reaches your friends
They breathe your sighs
Taste your thoughts
Your love fills their lungs
And longing seizes their hearts
Before the departure
Of your next Foggy emissary
Your mobile vibrates:
‘Missing you’.

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