Fantasy’s Reality 

Some people create this conceptual fantasy inside their head that they desire it to be a reality. What if it is true and not just in my head! Ruins your reality and your fantasy. Fantasies are good. Eases your heavy head and makes you lighter wanting you to think and have those moments you desire in real life. Yet the very same fantasy can consume your very mind wanting to get out of your head into your real world.

We should know where to stop and get back to reality. The desire to want the thoughts that grew inside your head, that you nurtured and cared for – one day is all grown up ready to face the world, making you think it’s real! In some cases people start to believe it’s real and make serious commitments to these imaginations.

If you are seeing yourself in this then you should know when to stop and draw the line, the one that is vanished when you woke up. This text can be applied to many subjects. Not jus Schizophrenia it can be applied to virtual life. For patients with Parkinson’s a virtual reality | fantasy world is a ‘Second life’ where they are free from their disabilities and fears. Whilst it makes their second life real, does your first life take a back seat for no reason or for realistic reasons needing realistic answers.

While the world moves farther and farther from reality which is a good provocative phenomena that makes sense for people like Elon Musk trying to find sustainable life in Mars. Does it to you? Do we realize when we cross the line?  Where are those stop signs that we fail to notice on our way?

Our everyday actions reflect from our very own thoughts and ideas evolving from us. Our relationships are one such example for stop signs to look for. The change of attitude, expectations between two people caters this subject. The sudden raise of bars and standards should also raise an alarm. Now having a bar set is good but what is it based on your fantasy or reality? I’m not discouraging you not to dream. Having a dream, vision is entirely different from fantasy.

Fantasy is an act of make-believe which when consumed too much might end you up with negative energy. Energies against the standards of this World. While we sit and ponder over our embezzlement of reality. Take control of your ideas and enthusiasm that is driven through your fantasies. The power of navigating your desires in the right direction lies within you. Reality does not stop you from improbable must which is sucha negative thought that drives us into seeking fantasies. There is a plausibility nearer to your unexplained fancy. You just need to seek out yourself.

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