The Girl Who Burned The Sun


Once there was a girl who
Had the Sun for her beloved
And when consumed by passion she
Looked up at the Sun in agony

He called her to him
Asked her to be his
And hence she goes to him
In a mad vortex of pure bliss

Like a mad teenager on her bike
With engines at full throttle she soared
Cutting through air, fire in her veins
With her eyes her lover she devoured

Up she went spiralling in ecstasy
With panting breaths longing to kiss
Her swaying hips dancing in the wind
Wishing only to drown in passion’s abyss

The Sun she nears: he’s a breath away
With naked desire she looks at him
In agony she pants and withers
As if possessed by dybbukim

Longing to be devoured, by his fire exorcised
She wishes nothing but to embrace the Sun
Eyes hazy with passion, to him she goes
Even though his touch meant immolation

And she burns, burn she does
As he touches her with urgency
His lips burn a trail of desire
Searing her with his passion’s fervency

This searing heat she craves
Welcome is this death
As the fire roaring devours her
Fanned by his breath

A captive in his embrace
Singed by his lips
To ashes reduced she
Through his fingertips slips

Swept away by the wind
He watches her go
Shedding a tear of fire
He looks at his empty arms in sorrow

Her ashes whip around him
As his tears char the wind
Enveloping him in her embrace
His body with kisses she singed

The more she kisses, the more he burns
The more he burns, the more he chars
From ash to fire, from fire to ash
Her lips him smother as with his fire she spars

Into her waiting arms he falls
As soon he is nothing
All of his fire burnt out
He is just ash swirling in the wind

They embrace and coalesce
As they ride on the clouds
Together forever, forever together
Their love the sky devours

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