Let’s do a Movie!

I posted this long back in my personal blogsite and while I was re-reading them as I always do to make me laugh I thought it’s not fair If I’d laughed alone at my so called sanity. I don’t know why I read this really really fast inside my head!!!! I mean do you?

Anyways! this was back in February one lonely cozy night with a tub of Tiramisu Ice Cream! after my back to back movie sessions, instead of straight to bed (as it was already 4 a.m.) I wrote the following – |Dope Alert| 

I just finished my movie marathon.. Mad Max, lame Hindi movie, and Get Hard. We can say I clearly enjoyed the first and last.. The last most..


Mad Max was disgustingly Amazing.. Must say only to be watched in 3D, big screen with surround sound. Has good stunts and wild music. The chase literally has a guitarist and a drummer travelling with them in the movie.. You’ll get me if you’ve seen the movie, I mean there’s this big pursuit of war, guns, shots and fights, people die, get their heads blown off and trucks blown off amidst of this there is an amazing electric guitarist playing for Citadel’s Got Talent”.. I couldn’t help but end up laughing and waiting, wanting somebody to kill this guy! please..! After congratulating him of course! Well max kills this ugly skull faced guitarist and breaks his guitar in the end but he was worth the extra addition to the decoration in the movie.. Loved the Make-up Artists whose talent is portrayed brilliantly through the characters. Weird, shitty, disgusting and beautiful.. Really fast movie.. Totally my style!! I din’t have a chance even to feel sad for Furiosa’s almost dying scene.. Before I would feel sad shez all good and back to being the Queen Citadel.. Duh!


Good,fast yuky fascinating script. The third movie I mentioned Get Hard!! Was brilliant.. I mean it’s been ages since I laughed so hard.. It almost reminded me of Tropic Thunder another amazing funny movie with all my funny major stars. If you havn’t seen it you ain’t having a life buddy! I mean what the hell? go watch it first!! So Get Hard is hilariously good fun 1.45hrs of happy tears with serious abuse/cuss and all I can remember is how hard I laughed till I fell off of my bed and not wanting to get up from that brief moment! I was like what the hell were you doing gal having this movie sleep in your drive and not watching IT!


Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart’s chemistry is as good as Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush hour series. I mean I luvv the way how Kevin fakes his prison life and comes up with super fast training sessions and Will actually masters his fake crash course on surviving prison. That was wow” some training he got there!!
Enough said let’s end this before people actually think I’m doped right now at this hour.

Oh and the lame Hindi movie? Let’s just say I’m not even wasting my space mentioning it’s name..

Have a good day/night!!:)

Off the record Mad Max actually won 6 Oscars this year like I claimed – for costume, make-up, sound mixing, sound production, film editing and nominated for cinematography, direction, visual effects and so on! So You know what that mean right! Damn I knew I was a born dope!  

Until next time.