Multilingualism In Today’s World


Cultural understanding and its dynamics are discovered through one’s identification and a person’s involvement into knowing the different cultural backgrounds of people all around the world. Identification plays a major role in a person’s life the same as  through the usage of languages but along with that it is important for a person to share his/her personal views with someone carrying the identification of another culture. When an Arabian knows to converse in Greek, it is easier for the former to institute himself on the base of Greek culture as language is considered to be the important mode of communication and by fostering this mode one evolves them into a greater understanding about the cultural awareness resulting in the birth of Global Citizenship.


If a person has the capability to speak in different languages, he or she will easily fit into a country’s soul. However, the cultural prospects have not been restricted within the countries. It could be found within different institutions around the world, including schools, colleges, working places and communities. The atmosphere of the institutions plays a vital role in the fusion of different cultures through verbal communications leading to the understanding of each other in a wider manner. So it is important to know how the multilingual ability is helping to foster cultural assimilation and how language is important to bring unity within the people.

Does speaking a language only restricted to communication? The importance of Language is deeply rooted into the sentiments of a particular culture. Language is not only meant for communication, but language is something through which one expresses emotions and sentimental values.

What is the ability of a multilingual person? When a person knows more languages it is easier for him to mingle with other people from different cultural background and understand the cultural importance of the latter. A multilingual person can override all the barriers of differences amongst the people and will fit through to solve the erstwhile contradictions within the ethnic groups.


What are the advantages behind speaking many languages? Various other important aspects a language can develop other than communication are the kinship development, psychological understanding, over looking ideological differences, making a person a realist, leading to the cooperation among the nations through the initiation taken by the multilingual people, improving knowledge in the field of culture, experiences and at last attaining Global Citizenship Recognition.

Let’s take an example of how India in this context is helpful in setting up multilingualism?   To take the example of India in this context, the country has 29 states dominated by different ethnic groups carrying multi-cultural backgrounds. Their Languages mark their identification besides their own nationality. The twenty-nine states in India carry their own respective personalities through their respective ways of speaking style and the same describes their own uniqueness as a whole. But say when a person from the state of West Bengal starts to reside in another state of India like Tamil Nadu, it really becomes a great challenge for the former to cope up with the new culture. The language, the culture, etc. starts to contradict the personalities of a Bengali. But as soon as the Bengali understands the local language Tamil, it becomes easier for the former to relate to the culture of the new state. Language is the first step towards understanding of a new culture and that makes all the differences in the future.


Secondly when we take up the principle of how India and its institutions encourage the fusion of cultures – The mixture of the different ethnic group is very much relevant in the cosmopolitan States or the Union Territories like Delhi. The cultural fusion is evident in those places and the same also gives birth to the people knowing languages of different states. As a result the rise of kinship take place. Similarly in United States, Great Britain, Indians mix up with the people of other origin trying to understand their cultural importance through the ability to speak other languages. Likewise when the people from abroad come and start residing in India for a longer period, they start to develop the lingual skills of that particular state of India where they reside. Hence, it is easier for the foreigners to learn a new language with great excitement and the same would lead them to decipher the deeper meaning of a new culture and sentiments of the people.

In academic institutions the multilingual ability plays an important role in diffusing different social structures. In educational institutions like Madras University located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, where it is necessary for the foreign students to understand the culture through bonding with the Indians. It is true that it is always not necessary to learn a language of a particular country, the interest of a person is very much necessary in this context of gaining knowledge of other culture other than one’s own. For example, The French students taking part in the festivals organized by the Tamil people from where they could learn the culture and language widely.

A multilingual person helps to bring the change in the pattern of the social structure in a society – The ability of a multilingual person is to bring a transformation in the mindset of people. A Realist having the multilingual characteristic is able to understand the drawbacks of any cultural stigma, he can well communicate with the people belonging to a different culture and make them understand the do’s and don’ts of their culture. Knowing different foreign languages at the same time would enable the person to communicate or to understand the ongoing trends. The people having the most wanderlust attitude involved themselves learning different languages and they can easily utilize the best out of it. Language is a philosophy, it is also a beautiful and a unique way to know oneself and one can easily draw comparisons between their own lifestyle and the lifestyle of others.


How Globalization and Migration bring forth a new era of understanding each other- Globalization after the era of decolonization has brought the end of restrictions. It has encouraged people of different nations to move forward in the form of immigration and emigration. The enlightenment period in the mask of New World Order System has brought forth the unity and the cultural understanding within the people. Globalization not only highlighted the death of the ideological warfare between the superpowers, but it also set forth the end of the ideological superstitions that people have in their mind for such a long time. With migration, people came in contact with each other in a more prominent manner with the practice of languages in order to get convinced of each other.

It is really interesting to know that it is the lingualism that divides people but again it is the same that unites the people worldwide. A person knowing different languages automatically becomes a global citizen and they have the ability to cut down the differences within the different ethnic groups or people of different nations. This also breaks the boundaries and makes people united. In this age it is has a vital ingredient to learn new languages not only for professional purposes but also for ‘Psychological Understanding’. Sharing views and ideas also play an important part in the globalization and it can only happen through connections, built through commonality. Language is a mighty tool, it a philosopher yet a realist bringing people together towards the end of the day.

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