Fed Up Of Being Fed Up


Heal at Home course

What we are not being told.

There is a paradigm shift occurring that isn’t in the mainstream awareness and its starting to unsettle many of us – some subtle, some not so. Even the medical profession is feeling the push. So many people are going to the doctors with lumps, pains, strange feelings, muscular issues, fatigue and many more ailments – they are doing all the tests known to modern medicine and NOTHING is coming back with an answer – Why? That’s simple, the problems are in the emotional body that modern medicine unfortunately disregards (if they can’t see it then it’s not real) and ‘Light Body’ symptoms. Light body is the new energetic signature your physical body is now adjusting to, the atom is spinning faster so must our bodies become ‘lighter’ and as more light infuses the physical body the vibration raises. For it to rise, we must all shed our ‘baggage’ of the past and come out of our heads. Ego consciousness is becoming obsolete; for the time of the heart is upon us all. If we deny this Universal truth we become lost and confused – even worse cause our selves disease and illness. The Soul cannot, and will not allow you to move forward without addressing your past.

The reason why we feel we are going around in circles, losing motivation and interest in things moreover unhappy, bored and confused, is we are operating from 1% of our consciousness ; The Ego Mind. The other 99% is in the heart, and we all sign soul contracts when we reincarnate for a particular life – guess what most of us signed in this time and space – to open up to your soul and embrace the energetic transition. The confusion etc is our deniability – we are more than the physical moreover we are not here to live and be controlled by outside influences. You must take back your power back and recognise the entrapment of your mind. There is so much more around this issue that would disgust most of you – that truth is starting to come out and let’s hope our governments start releasing this information within the timeline they have been given.


As the year comes to an end very soon – it’s important to understand what it’s meant for you at the Soul level. This last year was very much a subjective year – a time to reflect back and look at old patterns and emotional traumas. It’s very important if you are on the spiritual path to adhere to this Universal truth. All the signs have been there – for many of us it’s been accelerated in the last few months with repetitive thoughts, comments, feelings in the body, illness/sickness, unexplained ailments and pains. This is of course your emotional body screaming out for release. It’s important to point out that old behaviors and thought processes are very much part of this as well. We are no longer able to live in our heads – if we do so it will lead to unhappiness, not to mention stress, fatigue and much more.

It’s painful for most of us to go within the heart and on that note you need to connect with your inner most being and start asking for a gentle release- if you get healing or do meditation you are at a great advantage. Start looking at the cyclical nature of your life and repeat patterns – you have to become an observer before you can break free; identify and acknowledge. Many of us know what our cycles are but yet they are still there, Why? Probably because you have been trying to resolve it with your mind and many of the mainstream techniques out there. Talking helps but FEELING heals much faster at this time – mainly due to the paradigm shift and supportive Universal energies being provided. If you don’t ask you don’t get – Never forget that everyone needs to heal in order for the planet to resolve its own karma, so you have all the help you need… JUST ASK!


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