Movie Review ~ Dor

The movie I have chosen for today’s review is Nagesh Kukunoor’s Dor. This movie caught my fancy due to its simple, subtle yet powerful storyline. Dor narrates a tale of two entirely different women in a poignant manner .This masterpiece has been inspired by Malayalam film Perumazhakkalam.


Movie: Dor

Genre: Drama

Released: 22 September, 2006

Directed by: Nagesh Kukunoor

Music: Salim Merchant, Sulaiman Merchant

Starring: Ayesha Takia, Gul Panag, Shreyas Talpade, Girish Karnad

Languages: Hindi, Urdu

Review: This movie introduces us to two very interesting and diverse worlds. The opening scene acquaints us with the life of Zeenat Fatima (Gul Panag) who resides with her husband Amir Khan (Rushad Rana) in beautiful valleys of Himachal Pradesh. On the other hand we witness a harmonious world of Meera (Ayesha Takia) and her husband Shankar Singh (Anirudh Jaykar).

The two women remain oblivious to each other, until they are bonded by a thread of fate, Shankar and Amir – Who meet each other as roommates in the land of Saudi Arabia. They both visit the country in hope of leveraging their financial position. In a tragic incident, Shankar falls of a balcony and dies, and Amir is convicted of the crime. The only way to save him and abolish the death penalty is by getting a “maafinaama – Affidavit of Forgiveness” signed by the deceased’s widow. Hence, in an attempt to save her spouse, Zeenat embarks on a journey to find Meera.


On reaching Rajasthan, Zeenat encounters a Bahuroopiya (Shreyas Talpade). With the help of this character, the director explores diversity of Rajasthan. Moreover, he adds wit and charm to an otherwise sad dramatic tale. However, movie fails to justify certain desired aspects to its audience.

This celluloid touches various themes, like position of widows in our society, female companionship etc. After Shankar’s demise, Meera is forced to live a solitude life with anguish and pain. Her husband’s death marks the end of her freedom.

Zeenat and Meera’s companionship seem to compliment each other’s personality. During their course of friendship, Zeenat discovers an element of softness within herself. While, Meera enjoys small joys of life whilst a glimpse of freedom which had lost pot her husband’s demise.  Dor presents to us a refreshing world of female bonding.

The film’s music is refreshing and soulful. One of my favorite track from Kukunoor’s creation is “yeh honsla”. This track captures this movie’s essence beautifully. Beautiful Cinematography.

All the characters play their part with utmost perfection. Special mention needs to be given to Ayesha Takia for portraying a naive character like Meera with utmost conviction. Gul Panag’s potrayal as Zeenat a strong willed confident woman is much commendable.

By the means of this heart wrenching tale, Kukunoor seems to convey the message that life is all about finding hope in times of distress. Dor is definitely a movie to see at least once. Kukunoor has made his characters earthly and relatableto his audience.

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Have a great week ahead.

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