The All New @TheRock – YouTube Channel

We found this Shiny Dwayne on the internet! Sparkling Cute! reminds me of The Game Plan. Sorry Dwayne! had to put that out for you.

This was a long anticipated Dream Channel of all times. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson now has his own Official YouTube Channel! Yes people he does! It was born on July the 18th 2016, Yes it’s true! There was also a trailer released for the channel (Seriously!). I mean isn’t that amazing? You get to see The Rock in every Video! (that’s the point of it though). For those of you who are wondering why would he need a You Tube Channel? you are right I mean if you needed water, we need The Rock! If you needed the air …. well… we need The Rock! also cos’ he wanted to join the other You Tube Influencers, adding to their influencing vibe through this Amazing Google Medium called You Tube. He calls it the most Fresh Innovative Non-Pornographic Channel of this age. Well thats!  Ahem! Welcome to The You Tube Dwayne! we love you and we will ignore and overlook your innocence of YouTube on the onscreen sets.


So The Rock obviously doesn’t need one, so say the haters… and many like me are really excited about this new found love to connect to us. I can feel it! he is !this! close to finding me I mean reaching out to us. So there are only two videos in this channel and already 8 plus lak subscribers and each of these videos have about 3 to 4 million views and counting! How amazing is that Rock (hahaha) you did not just You Tube us!!! dude! this is so Fumazing I mean this world could use a bit of Some Amazing Rock right now! I mean It Buddy!!

His very first You Tube Video is a collab with the most amazing YouTube Celebrities, like Lilly Singh, Markiplier, Grace Helbig, Roman Atwood, Gigi Gorgeous, Alex Wassabi, LaurDIY, King Bach, Flula, and Brittney Smith. He even launched a Lilly ft. Dwayne – How To Be a YouTube Star (ft. The Rock) where he takes a crash course from Lilly Singh on the road to success to be the Best YouTuber Ever! Right Lilly! Well we all know The Rock don’t need that! Buddy Please!… here’a a tip from us, just use those Eyebrows to get a million plus likes.

That’s Right Hold it right there.. & !Flash!

His first Vlog on You Tube was released on July 18th 2016 as promised, features the legendary You Tube Channel Factory’s insights – located 50 ft under a Remote Volacanic Island  where all the YouTubers make their videos for the world. Lilly Sigh the queen of the You Tube world takes Our Rock on this Factory Tour introducing him to the sets and the crew, the rooms like the room for cat videos, couples, for crazy jazzy and so on. He even learns how and where the rainbow with sparkling colors come from. There’s even a Rock Impersonators Room for Rock im..per..s..onators? ok and then they get eaten up by the Scorpion Cat! Great Scripting. Whteve you and I get to see The Rock in the entire video, so there you have it The Rock Channel.

If you are The Rock Lover Subscribe to it. If you are not.. that category doesn’t exist in The Rock World I mean please! Let’s be Realistic – He is just “Amazing” even if he says “Hi.” Subscribe. He obviously has big fan following aura, 8 million followers just on Twitter. Wait did they not hear about this?

Well for those of you who love Rock since his Wrestling Days to the Big Screen Days, he has more coming your way, well You Tube is just the beginning of it. Here’s a spoiler of his upcoming animated movie #Moana !! 

Well well well! what else would we be more thankful for than The Rock singing for us this Thanksgiving Season, that’s right the movie is set be released sometime in November this year. Rock can you give us a teaser of your singing in on of your Vlogs? please(puppy face)?

Having said all that We Wish Dwayne The Rock Johnson “A Very Happy YouTubing” ahead.

Until Next Time.

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