I Am… Am I?


I stop halfway
And turn back
Putting on hurriedly
All the faces i unmasked
For courage deserted me
The closer i got
Being paranoid, i worrily wonder
If abject facelessness was my lot

Who am i?
I dare not seek
I hesitate to know
For knowing is believing
For light when we know
The night forever
We have to forego

They say we all are layers
Peel peel peel to the core
But what if there is no core?
What if like an onion
There is nothing in me?
What if uncovering a layer
Leads me to another
And yet another
Until there are no more
Not even space
Just blank
Nothing at all?

What if my existance
Was someone’s imagination
A friend made when lonely?
Just because i can breathe
Be seen heard and felt
Just because i can think
And act and react
My existance
Does not get validated!
When my creator
Tires of me
I am no more
When i reach my core
And find nothing
I am no more
A great nothing.

So i am afraid
To think
To seek
There is bliss
In not knowing
There is hope:
I am something
No matter how inconsequential
No matter how absurd
I am something
I exist.

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