Thank You Note ~ From The Founders Desk


Here’s to that part of the month where ME, Angeline and Our Team  would like to say Thank You ALL for following Le Amusant and becoming a part of our family. It has been an amazing and extraordinary journey so far. We enjoy writing every single word from various genres Just For You.

I was so amazed to see that we hit more than 100 followers in less than 2 months through our various Social Media Channels and it is with much pleasure and excitement that we say that you guys are sucha powerful vitamin pill to all our authors.

Thank YOu.jpg

Whats more amazing is how you all reach out to us to publish your stories or be joyful enough to accept our invitation to interview you. Especially when you give us your ideas, feedback, suggestions and comments, which reassures our daily dose of enthusiasm to take this further ahead for all of us.

WE LOVE YOU and We Truly Acknowledge your Love. Do LIKE and SHARE our episodes with your friends, family and loved ones. We have more in store for you – Sports, Gaming, Fashion on their way to your inbox.


For those of you wondering Le Amusant (LA) a fun-filled magazine gives a platform not just to various news, reviews and articles, It’s main focus is on Real Time Stories of Day to Day People in our Everyday Stories Section. Do read and give us your feedback, comment. We also welcome stories from your neighborhood, or them you wish for us to cover. You can also contribute your articles and posts on our Site (conditions apply) we will be happy to do so. The focus is to inspire and connect through our daily struggles and overcoming power that each of us find in little things that we go through, we share and build that extraordinary bond through LA Platform.

download (2)
Yep.. As Extraordinary As Calvin and Hobbes!

We are looking out for Authors/Contributors who would be in interested in writing for our Blog~Azine for Various Genres relating to your area of interest. Le Amusant is based in Chennai, India, has no paid staff. It has purely passionate atmosphere with volunteer contributors. Everything is decentralized and we use a range of virtual tools to coordinate our activities. Authors are empowered to set their own agenda and develop their own projects under us.This ranges from pursuing personal interests to commission and edit content for the website, to having an idea for a new section and then working with the team to plan, test and build it. Do get in touch with us if you are interested in working with us. We will be publishing our Magazine to some of the Universities and Colleges in our location which will provide you a platform to showcase your talent. Preference will be given to those who are found passionate towards their work. You better have a good story to pitch in as to why you want to write with us.

Above all we are truly excited, happy and wanted to share our Happy Thoughts garnished with all the love we have through this THANK YOU Note  to all of you. You can also find us on Twitter & Facebook.


Until Next Time.


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