Movie Review : I (2015)

This weeks movie review, Shankar‘s 2015 creation I’. Vikram and Shankar will be applauded for their hard work and dedication towards bringing this International Story line to life. Although the script fails in some areas, the movie bags the major visual art work. Vikram’s makeover as The Beast is exceptionally portrayed on the big screen. 

This movie personally brings a whiff of fond memories of time most pleasantly spent with my close friends.


Movie : I 

Genre : Action, Romance, Thriller 

Directed by : Shankar

Starring : Vikram and Amy Jackson

Released : January 2015

Music A.R. Rahman

Country : India

Language : Tamil, Hindi, Telugu.

Movie Review: What’s most fascinating about ‘I’ is the metamorphosis that Vikram’s role as Lingesan undergoes. When the movie opens, we see him as a deformed hunchback in the midst of abducting Diya (Amy Jackson), a famous model, on the day of her wedding with Dr. Vasudevan (Suresh Gopi). Then later, as the movie shifts into flashbacks, we see him as Lingesan, a bodybuilder who aspires to be Mr. India. He later is known as Lee, which is Lingesan’s screen name after he becomes a successful model. With the ending of the flashback arcs he is back as a hunchback, a guise he continues till the end of the movie.

I seems to be a tale of good v/s evil, with Lee as the good guy (despite his repulsive appearance) trying and succeeding in outmaneuvering the evil antagonists- the movie is rife with villains. The main villain, the blackest of the lot, is Dr. Vasudevan, who is a perverted panty thief and pedophile when he is not being the family doctor/ family friend/ guardian. Next in line is John (Upen Patel), a model who can’t take no for an answer from his women. Equally evil are Indrakumar (Ramkumar Ganesan), a businessman into real shady business, and Ravi a fellow body-builder and major rival of Lee. This motley collection of villains is topped off by Osma Jasmine, a stereotypical transgender stylist with a major crush on Lee. All these shady antagonists have their own personal motives- totally legit- in ruining Lingesan’s life. Hence they collectively decide to destroy what Lingesan holds most dear- his physical appearance- by injecting a virus, H4N2- which is a strain of Influenza- giving the movie its name, ‘I’.


As is expected from the theme of the Movie, the moment Lee develops a hunchback- after he is literally in the pits, he becomes a superhuman – Heightened Intelligence, Animal Instincts, Sleuth, and Advanced Microbiological Reactions are few of the strengths he apparently gains from the H4N2 which he uses against his enemies for revenge.

The plot of this celluloid lacks depth. It’s the movie’s flashbacks which manage to keep the audience hooked for the long three hours, apart from Amy Jackson, who is an eye candy at best. Though promising, her character has sadly been given no room to develop. The other characters as well lack depth. Even A.R. Rahman’s magical melody touch fails to elevate this movie- it completely fails to connect with the audience. 

However, accolades needs to be given to V. Srinivas Mohan, the movie’s visual effects director. His expertise is clearly visible in the stunning and jaw dropping takes that form the fulcrum of the movie. Likewise, Weta Workshop is the creative force behind the astounding prosthetics for Vikram’s make over as a hunchback.

Shankar’s directorial venture walks us through various majestic locations of China, which makes magical treat for the eyes especially when watched on Big Screens. But the crowning glory goes to Vikram for his outstanding portrayal as Lingesan. Also commendable is the novel idea of utilizing microbiology as a weapon instead of guns and brute strength. Nobody is killed in the movie, yet justice prevails! We almost wish the villains were better off dead!

Throughout the movie, we hear the villains saying, “isse bhi bura”(even worse than this), time and again. But believe me, issey bhi bura kuch ho nahi sakta tha (nothing can be worse than this). So watch at your own risk!  

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2 thoughts on “Movie Review : I (2015)

  1. “I” did not meet the expectations it arouse during the trailer launch or the audio launch. It just turned out to be another revenge story. But every individual in the unit has to definitely applauded for their share in the movie.

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