I Killed A Fly


I killed a fly:
Will my regret bring it back to life??
Will a decent burial
Reduce the pain it felt on being squashed??
Will a confession and an elegy
Free me from the boomerang effects of karma?
Of course not.
Then why did i kill it, you ask??
Well, because its mere existence irritated me.

The day was calm and peaceful
Until it in my room got trapped
As i closed my window.
And then a series of flutterings
As it tried in vain
To escape to the wide blue sky
Which it could see
Right through my window pane.

At first i ignored it
Closed my ears
to the irritating buzz of its wings
as it beat pathetically against the glass.
I refused to be distracted
I tried being stoic and bearing with it
Not because i felt for the trapped fly
But because it was cold
And getting out of my blanket
would be a chore.

So i let it struggle.
Let it go on hitting the pane.
Like a drunkard walking down the street
Bumping into things randomly
Falling down, picking himself up
Only to bump again into something somewhere.
I let the fly hope-
If it tried hard enough
If it beat times enough-
The window would open
To its freedom.

But just like all humanly resolves
Mine too was short-lived:
I could not take it anymore.
Forgetting the cold in my anger
I rushed to my window manically
I followed the fly
And felled it in a single lethal strike.
Squashed it was against the pane
Squashed onto the glass
With an eternal view of its freedom.
My anger appeased
I soaped my hands thoroughly
Letting the water wash away all my guilt.

Once back to the warmth of my blanket
As i had almost warmed my clean hands
Heard i again fluttering wings
From the direction of my window.
For a second, zombies and vampires
Did their macabre dance in my imagination.
Then chuckling away at such nonsense
I left reluctantly my warm spot
And found another of its ilk-
Another fly trapped
Yet another desperate to get out,
Albeit unlike its late kin
Still very much alive and kicking.

Will i kill it too?
Yes of course.
Why would i do that??
Because it irritates me.
Till when would i
keep bloodying my hands??
Until there are hand-washs and soaps.
Would I stop after that?
Ofcourse not:
I would just switch
To rolled up paper instead.

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