Your silence after i speak
My silence because of that
As i ponder silently
What did i say so wrong

Your silence post my witty comments
The loud silence of an absent smile
The silent galloping of my heart
Have we really drifted that far??

The silence of my desperation
The silence of us fiddling with our phones
Not really texting anyone
Just filling the shrill silence

The silence i see in your eyes
A silence i fail to reciprocate
Though you are but a breath away
Silence like a mist hides you

The silence of our laboured breathing
The silence of our shared climax
The silence of my tears that fall
Seeping silently into the bed as you snore

The silent rustling of the sheets
As i look out the silent night sky
My silent sigh that wakes you
Your silent hug that breaks me

Those screeching unspoken words
That last silent kiss
Silently i watch as each new layer of clothing
Takes you further away from me

Life goes on
I learn to do silent laughs
Showing some teeth
I learn to silently survive

Sounds disappear
Life becomes a mime
People speak
All i hear is silence

I silently glance at you
As i spot you in the crowd
The silent rending of my heart
As i hear you laugh with her

The silent click of the bathroom door
The silent splash of water in the bath tub
The silent deftness of the knife
As my blood mingles silently with the water

Blank staring silent eyes
The silence of the heart
The silence of the unwritten letter
Broken by the clatter of the knife as it falls



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