CDC2 ~ Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson, gorgeous, talented, bubbly and charismatic. She is this walking talking marsh mellow on TV for you. You jus wanna marshmellowlly add her to your Hot Chocolate Drink and gulp her up on a snowy winter evening. As pervertly as it sounds, I meant it in a really good non pervert way!

Nigella Lawson

Her kinky vocabulary with ever charming British Accent to cream it up and homely shoots teach every Bob and Jenny how to cook and eat just about anything. Personally I love the English for their accent. Even if their dish fails their accent wins over me. The next are the Australians. Oh Well do not get me started there!

Nigella Lawson is a Journalist, Television Personality , Gourmet and A Food Writer. Initially she wrote Book Reviews for the Magazine The Spectator, then started to be a Restaurant Critic. Her Free lance writing in the UK stretched from The Daily Telegraph, The Observer, The Times Literary Supplement, Vogue, The Times til Gourmet and Bon Appetite in the united states – her writing genres did not contain her in one spectrum. She wrote for a variety of news papers/magazines for a various columns like food, make up, book reviews, restaurants and so on.

As fabulous as she is Nigella does still carry that embodiment of her personality in her traits. When I watch from her shows I never have found her to have that Aura as a Chef or a Food Critic, Like any celebrity Chef would carry. Nigella herself refuses to be called as one. She constantly denies saying I’m not even trained or a professional Chef in many interviews. I always find her refreshingly different from other Chefs. She is more like a warm pleasant mommy material, trying to teach us those in a flick tips/ideas and damage control remedies, easy smart ways to cook. What can be possibly done with those leftovers – or trying to put together a meal after a tiring long day will be so easy and rocket science free with her ideas. Her shows will make you feel at home, not only ’cause her Cooking Studio is her Home Kitchen, also cause the idea of shooting the recipe, allowing us to walk through her kitchen zone, and her finding her way into the refrigerator, storage cupboard, chopping however we want it all these little things makes us ease out on the pressure of making the dish. It easily unlocks your stiff head to loosen up your neck to make you feel you already have all the romantic ingredients in your shelf. It makes you innovative enough to surf through your shelf and pick out the nearest ingredient if not the same or be brave enough to  pick a new kind to fit your own plate.

Whats best about Nigella’s Kitchen? is that it teaches you to be FoodNerd free and be that sloppy, clumsy, not be burdened finesse freak chef, the plating, the color , the design, and stay comfy enough to enjoy the making of the dish and most desirably eating of the dish in your own heavenly way. Nigella brings out the free-spirit out of one’s self, to be flexible carefree and to cook as if you are making love to your loved ones and that my friend is always one Yummilicious Recipe. She calls it The Food Therapy.


Eventually publishing her first book How to Eat in 1998, which was sold more than 300 000 copies, she set out on a course of passionate cooking with her second book  How to be a domestic goddess later she launched her own cooking television series Nigella Bites, which also won her many laurels and awards. Nigella Bites was shot in her West London home. Later another series Forever Summer with Nigella was yet another success.

Her speedy tricks of DIY meals in Simply Nigella, Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen and Nigella Express are my favorites. Here’s why she attracts people. It’s not only her sensuous way of describing and walking through her recipes but also the relatable efficiency quotient is directly proportionate to the viewers life. Her subjects What To Cook For Children’s Parties, Feeding Babies And Small Children are equally empathetic. Unlike other chefs her notes and series doesn’t have a particular rule abstract chart or guidelines. She is a real life evolving cook , who learnt it through her personal choice and experience. Her studies and research involves her everyday life juggles of being a Mom, Wife, Friend,Daughter and a most importantly a Woman. Which is why she is totally able to pierce through you and I.


In her kitchen everything is easy does it just like mine, we have many attributes common, like being generous in her butter, cream, chocolate, cheese you name it yes they are full fat too if you are wondering. Here’s Why! It adds the luscious taste and stand out in all its glory,  I couldn’t agree more. If you are a low fate person, lower your proportion of butter and cream from her recipes, use low fat produce to the preparation.

Below are two recipes from Easy Does Ir and Nigella Express. These two are my one of my favorites not only cause they are simple and easy but also they taste mmmmmmmm!  as usual I promise you they are easy and takes only tiny bit of your time and strength to make the dish, and ingredients already available in your home! 🙂

Here’s why I can relate to her, a) We as working women have less strength to cut, chop mince, design and all that, and I usually have a Kitchen Scissors to help me out easy. b) I don’t see the shape, the curls, the measures – I just use my instincts, the aroma and a bit of tasting here and there. If you are Us Just be confident in your judgement. Here’s what I read once by Fergus Henderson – How food can misbehave if it detects fear.  Nigella and I couldn’t agree more. Fear is the one thing that troubles the Dish, making it guilty for all of us including the Dish. I wouldn’t recommend play it safe with what you know but I’d say be brave and go with your flavor-bud instincts that compliments your palate. Having said all that, Here are two of her simple recipes below. You can follow more about Nigella’s Food by clicking on the link Nigella.

  1. Chicken Tarragon
  2. Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Sundae

Hope you like our studies and reviews on Chef De Cuisine Series. For more such quintessential posts do follow Le Amusant. Do like and leave us a comment in the comment section below.

Until Next Time.

13 thoughts on “CDC2 ~ Nigella Lawson

    1. I’m glad i was able to introduce her to you.. yes being a nerd makes me stale and unexciting. Thank you for your support.


  1. I’ve never heard of Nigella but I can see why you follow her and the recipes look absolutely wonderful. I’ll have to see if I can find her show. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have one or two of her cookbooks. What I like about them is that they include recipes for a lot of traditional English food that being a non-Englishman I have no idea how to make. Not sure she’d appreciate the puffy marshmallow analogy though.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I enjoy watching Nigella on the occasions I flick through the food channel. She cooks real food with rich ingredients which one can savour. I am always amused when she pops into the fridge to eat leftovers late at night!

    I can imagine her children’s friends would have been inviting themselves to dinner/parties/bbqs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ikr.. even i find myself eating late at nights only cos I’m up not the leftovers but the ice creams, cakes.. I’m hungry evertime m watching a cooking channel..


  4. Like the other comments from people, I have never heard of her, but as for me I am not a food channel or cook book fan.
    Being single myself, I can appreciate the part about not measuring exactly how much ingredients to put it. I too just throw a pinch here and there until it smells good.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love watching Nigella, was fun going through your article and relating with the stuff you have mentioned.

    Nigella the Domestic Goddess, just love her quick & easy meals. I myself love cooking and have tried few of her recipes. This year when she was the Guest Judge in Masterchef Australia it was a delight to watch her the entire week.

    Liked by 1 person

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