Three Heartbeats and a Kiss

From your lips
To mine-
Three heartbeats
And a half.
So I close my eyes
And begin to count..
I can see
In my mind’s eye
Your slowly descending head
As my fingers stealthily
Entwine with your hair
Our nose touch.
Your breath
Caressing my lips
Makes me burn all over
Our lips meet.
Its the softest of touch
Yet fiery, electric
My heart stops.
Gasping for breath
I open my eyes
…and half…
Our eyes meet.
Time freezes:
You, with your fingers
Curled around the trigger
I, drenched in blood
A bullet for a heart.
I go down with
Your taste on my lips.

From your smoking muzzle
To my heart:
Half a heartbeat
And a kiss.


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