Masha And The Bear ~ Маша и Медведь

HaHa..I Never thought I’d be reviewing this but I  just couldn’t stop myself from doing so. If you have kids you know what I am talking about. That’s right Kids digggg this Russian Comic Animated Series. It is hilarious and somehow seduces you into loving the show and wanting you to enjoy viewing this series more and more.

Masha and the Bear

Genre : Comedy, Adventure

Creator : Oleg Kuzovkov

Origin : Russia

Language : Russian/English

Released : January 2009

This series is so bloody good that you will love little Masha no matter the menace she is to The Bear. That’s right! She is Ms. Trouble I tell you always a walking talking hurricane that can never be contained. In fact in one of the series, the wolves try to kidnap Little Miss Masha from The Bear in exchange for a refrigerator full of food. Well Bear obviously knows the outcome of living with Masha makes a counter deal that if they can keep her longer he’d offer more. LOL!

Oleg Kuzovkov nailed the series although it suggests 4+ my two year old niece comes running out of her hiding as soon as she hears the Masha theme song. She never gets enough of this and I know urs too.

What’s interesting about this series is that apart from Masha every other animal character is named after them – Bear, Rabbit, wolf, etc. It is one hell of a heartwarming enchanting adventure series. Well I watch the Dubbed English Version but the Original Russian Version is more welcoming. If you are an adult I’d suggest you’d try viewing the original Russian since it is more charming to hear Masha in Russian. Also you can pick up a few Russian words through the subtitles walking you through. That is how I learning a few International Languages 😉 .

While The Bear likes his quite retired life in the woods, Masha stumbles upon his warm home and ends up being adopted by The Bear who has a Big Warm Heart that puts up with every single mischief of Masha. In fact it mirrors every single traits of these tiny toddlers. They don’t mean no harm, for a fact they sometimes want to help which seems so bothering yet in an unfortunate way ends up with tragically funny climax. You can neither get upset nor be happier to encourage their ways. Yet these sweet little tiny steps they take towards life to learn to blend into us, helps us to build a special bond that lasts a lifetime and that’s what Masha and the Bear is about.

She’s like Bear Bear Bear Bear Bear Bear Bear Bear…. This Bear doesn’t even get to hibernate during the Winter.. You know what I’m talking about! Masha’s character is played by not just one but many Stars like  Alina Kukushkina, Giselle Nieto, Rebecca Bloom, etc. but one of my favorite is Elsie Fisher, the little Agnus from Despicable Me.

Watch this extremely fun animated series based on a old Russian Folklore. Created just for Kids (like us.. Ahem!).


Have fun viewing the Masha. Do leave a comment on the review below and follow us for more such animated reviews.

Until Next Time.

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