The movie presents a wonderfully gripping tale of love, loss and betrayal, repose and solitude. It is a period drama set in the era of 1950 -53. This cinematic tale is based on O Henry’s short story, The Last Leaf. Sonakshi Sinha as Pakhi Roy Chaudhary and Ranveer Singh as Varun Srivastava play their characters with full conviction.

Genre : Drama, Romance

Released : July 2013

Directed By : Vikramaditya Motwane

Music : Amit Trivedi

Starring : Ranveer Singh, Sonakshi Sinha, Barun Chanda

Movie Review : Pakhi Roy an aspiring writer; Varun Srivastava feigns being an archeologist. The celluloid introduces us to the town of Manikpur, situated in West Bengal. The opening scene introduces us to the rapport shared between Pakhi and her father, with Pakhi’s father narrating the story of a Bhil king whose life resided in a parrot to an ailing Pakhi (as she suffers from asthma). This echo will find an echo in a later incident.

This entertainer is an enchanting and a charming tale of how Varun impresses Pakhi and her aristocratic father. With the passage of time, the intimacy between Varun and Pakhi grows, giving way to a lyrical romance. Bewitched by Varun’s charm, Pakhi succeeds in reconciling her father to their marriage. On the day of marriage Varun betrays her and doesn’t turn up. What soon ensues is death of Pakhi’s. father and the scene moves to Roy Chaudhary’s guest house in Dalhousie.

Accolades need to be given to the Director Vikramaditya Motwane for an effortless shift of scenes from the town of West Bengal to Dalhousie. At this juncture we are introduced to a transformed Pakhi. She seems to present a heart wrenching picture of solitariness, fatigue and desolation. As the plot progresses we come to know that she is suffering from tuberculosis and has tied her life with the last leaf of a tree which is visible from her window. Later we see Varun making an entry into Pakhi’s life again and things take an interesting turn.

What distinguishes Lootera from the other typical Bollywood romances is the lack of melodrama which usually characterizes our romances. It’s the subtlety and the mellowness of the dialogues and characters which make this romance so earthly.  The rawness and vulnerability of Pakhi Roy Chaudhary is commendable and Varun Srivastava’s character with shades of grey is something to watch out for. All the characters play their parts with ease and perfection. Though, the movie seems to be a bit dragged at some places and seems a bit monotonous yet it manages to pull through.

However, the movie’s music needs a special mention. Amit Trivedi along with the lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya has managed to weave magic with numbers like “Jinda hoon” and “Manmarziyan”. The background score is well in sync in the realm of this movie.

Overall I would like to say that the movie is a piece of artistic and creative marvel. It’s not just celluloid, it’s an experience, a journey which the audience takes along with the pathos of the characters.

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