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Once deprived and sworn never to touch a pen or keyboard to write again, Logan Stanford 16 yrd old from Cincinnati, Ohio is on a quest to discover his own pen powers within. This is one such inspiring story of  Our Friendly Neighbourhood-Blogger and founder of Mesmeric Ponderings. Logan is sucha sweet, down to earth persona. We happened to stumble upon his work when we first began our Blog~Azine. Something about his writing and the maturity in crafting his potential attracted me to get to know him and his works. Besides writing his Novel, he also writes Short Stories, Poetry and Soul-Search. I am his newly found regular readers who adores his passion and commitment to find himself. I found it deeply amusing that a 16 yr old could be so characterized. I thought this kid has gone through a paradigm shift of surpassing his teenage dramatism to a fully fnctional writer. It takes a lot of giving up at this age on fun side to commit to become a novelist. As he patiently unravels his dreams to all our questions about his life, writing experiences, his on going works and many more interesting facts, we learn a lot about his bold artistic creativity hiding behind this innocent face. We have complied them as a narrative for you to hear his story on Real People Real Stories.

Logan Stanford

” I am from Cincinnati, Ohio.  Cincinnati is a relatively quiet city.  Not too much occurs here.  I attend a small high school in comparison to others in my area, only numbering about six hundred students through all four grade levels.  I don’t live directly in the city.  I instead live in the suburban outskirts that surround it.  Cincinnati is as basic as any other city in my opinion.  My family and friends are amazing.  My family is always very supportive of everything I do and they encourage me to try new things.  I also have a great friend group that consists of many people that are tons of fun to be around.  I know that I can always count of the aid of my friends and family no matter the situation.  I also have two Australian shepherds. 

Besides writing, which is usually my go-to hobby, I also enjoy playing tennis.  I have participated in tennis since I was very young and I even play for my high school’s tennis team.  I’m not great at tennis but I always have a fun time playing anyway.  When it comes to food, I like most things.  However, I enjoy tasting different foods from around the world so I always take the opportunity to try foreign foods whenever I get the chance.  My favorite place to be would probably be the beach in Outer Banks, North Carolina. 

One event during my childhood that impacted me the most would be the birth of my only sibling, Avery.  My sister was born when I was five years old and since then she has always been a very important part of my life.  My connection with my sister is one that I don’t share with anyone else.  I know I can always rely on her.  I am certain that this relationship will remain long after we both embark on our own journeys. 

Logo 8tribeMesmeric Ponderings is my little corner of paradise on the internet.  The name was inspired by the fact that I will often lose myself in my own thoughts as I am thinking about topics to write about.  I use this website to publish various works in order to receive feedback from fellow bloggers and to hopefully meet new people with similar interests. I feel that writing is a powerful way to express one’s feelings through words.  Often times when I write I will find that my writing reflects different aspects of my life.  I like to use my emotions as the source of my writing because of how deeply they affect me.  I can use these emotions to say how I feel in words which makes coping with those feelings much easier. I have always been more comfortable conveying myself through writing.  I’m not very good at speaking in general.  When I write I have time to think about each word before I write it while when I am speaking I have to think on the spot.  I would always prefer writing to speaking whenever I have the option. 

There are several sources of inspiration that encourages me to write.  When it comes to poems, my emotions usually are the inspiration.  I enjoy crafting whatever I am feeling into the dense poem to convey the meaning behind my thoughts.  However, the stories and novels I write have a different source of inspiration.  I enjoy reading science fiction and fantasy novels which usually inspires me to try my hand at writing my own. I usually write in the early morning.  Surprisingly, that’s when my thoughts are the most clear.  If I get too far into the day then my writing becomes clouded by other forces within my life.  I enjoy writing in the quiet solitude of my room when I can focus on my writing and only my writing. 

My favorite aspect about blogging is that is allows for me to share my writing with a wide variety of like-minded individuals.  It’s amazing to write something and then to receive feedback from fellow bloggers.  I also enjoy reading the work that other bloggers have posted to their own sites and I often become inspired after reading something that another blogger wrote. 

My most challenging moment in regards to blogging would be the act of starting.  I was terrified when I first played with the idea of creating a blog.  I was worried that I might be an outcast among my friends or that they wouldn’t approve of my blog as a past time.  I was also concerned that it would be a waste of time and that I would accomplish nothing from it.  However, I was very wrong.  My friends were very supportive of me and I also found amazing benefits from creating this blog.  I am very glad that I made this decision. 

I was actually very surprised by the amount of support I received when I first began writing.  My parents extremely supportive of everything I do and love to be the first to read my work.  I also have many friends that I know in real life or have met online who are very supportive of my work.  I have never faced negative discouragement before of which I am very grateful. 

The positive encouragement that I receive is very helpful in encouraging me to work diligently on my writing.  One kind comment can inspire me to write more which is the backbone of my writing journey.  I am very grateful for everyone who has supported me along the way. 

  • Tell us about the summer in North Carolina that you have mentioned in your Blog.

Every year my grandfather on my mom’s side rents a large beach house in North Carolina for our entire extended family.  We usually stay a week during the summer which allows me to spend time with my cousins, aunts, uncles, and other extended family members that I don’t get to see often.  I also get to spend time at the beach which is one of my favorite places to be. 

Beach House
Beach House
  • So I read “The price of vengeance” it was filled with deep thoughts and emotions. Was it inspired by true events? Are most of the writings of yours inspired by events that bypass your life or through other channels.

The Price Of Vengeance” is a great example my life serving as the root of my writing.  Usually when I craft a poem such as this it is inspired by a current event within my life.  I wrote that particular poem as an analysis.  I used it to help me make a decision.  I battled with the question of whether revenge was worth the cost.  Through my reflection I decided that it wasn’t.  I used my poem as encouragement to not take revenge because it never solves anything in the end.

  • No Concept of a soul.. You say the parts of one’s body have nothing to do with the soul. Can you explain that. (For example one would feel that the soul guides us to pursue our thoughts, it guides us inwardly and the actions occur after the soul decides – like listening to the soul – the good, the bad. How is your thought intended?).

When I finished writing “No Concept of a Soul” I was worried that it may be interpreted in different way than I intended.  I didn’t want someone reading it to think that we are soulless beings.  I actually intended the opposite.  This poem walks through my thought process of examining the human body piece by piece from the largest part to the smallest.  The catch is when you reach the end you realize that after examining the entire human anatomy that there was never any mention of a soul.  This shows that our souls are a truly different part of ourselves.  An almost inconceivable identity of who we are.  We can’t find a place for it in our bodies.  It is truly a part of our spirit.

  • Talk to us about The Eighth Tribe Humanity.

The Eighth Tribe Humanity” is currently my largest project and the backbone of my website.  Originally my entire website was dedicated to this novel.  It is a Science Fiction dystopian novel that is seen through the eyes of a young boy battling the Tribal Apocalypse.  I began writing this story because I was inspired by all of the science fiction books I had read.  My ultimate goal would be to gain enough support from my website to perhaps publish this novel someday.  

  • Tell us about your goals and plans for your website,  in which direction are you guiding this, what do you see in say 5 to 6 yrs time.

My eventual goal for my site would be to use it as a tool to publish a novel.  I have often dreamed of becoming an author and I feel that my blog could help me accomplish that.  If I was able to raise a large enough fan base on this site then I would be able to publish a novel and achieve my dream.  I can only hope that in a few years’ time I will have the support necessary to do this.

  • Can you name some of your favorite bloggers and explain why they are your favorites’?

I have met a wide variety of bloggers throughout my journey and I have cherished every connection I have made with another writer.  It is very difficult for me to choose a just a few favorites but if I was to select a few off the top of my head they would be Night Whispers and The Lion’s Den. The reason I selected these two bloggers is because they are both younger than typical bloggers just as I am so they are easy to relate to. 

  • Have you met anyone interesting/famous on your blogging journey?

This may sound like a general answer but I would have to say that every blogger I have met on my blogging journey is very interesting.  Everyone is interesting in their own ways and every blog has great content contained in it.  Every blogger is truly brilliant in their own ways. 

  • Are there any Icons(celebrity blogger) you follow like a role model?

There are not many celebrity bloggers that I follow like a role model but I am inspired by a variety of authors.  A few of these authors are Suzanne Collins, Rick Yancey, and Veronica Roth.  These authors have written science fiction books that I enjoyed greatly and their work has inspired me to write my own novel.

  • Can you share with us the happy moments or awe moments in your blogging journey.

My happiest moment and largest achievement throughout my blogging journey would be when I reached over one thousand views on my blog.  At this moment I realized that my dreams were feasible.  If what I had written had been viewed one thousand times than imagine the possibilities for the future.  This moment made me feel like I could one day publish a novel and achieve my biggest dream.

  • Anything you wanna share with our readers like a message, tips encouraging words.

If I was to say one thing it would be this: dreams don’t have to be dreams.  They can be reality.  All that’s missing is the will to try.  A leap of faith is all it takes to transform a dream in our head to the reality we face.  I know that I have not accomplished my dream of becoming a published author yet but I feel that I am at least on the right track.  I hope to maintain this momentum in the future and eventually achieve this goal.  However, this mindset can be applied to anything thus ensuring that our dreams are tangible.

Le Amusant appreciates Logan Stanford to have taken time from his busy schedule to patiently answer all our questions. We also wish him a good luck on his goals and ventures, with a true luck on your very first novel “The 8th Tribe Humanity” and may you soar high. You can also follow Logan Stanford on WordPress at Mesmeric Ponderings Twitter @MericPonderings for his latest posts and updates.

If you find stories like this that are worth sharing, that inspires people to believe and pursue their Everyday Dreams. Do Contact us to share on our bloggers community – Real People Real Stories. Do follow us as we bring you more such sparkling dreams. Share your views and comment in the comment section below as you pass by.

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  1. This is freaking amazing. I love logan so much, I want to meet him someday, I might even go to cincinnati to meet him!


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