Summer Salad

It felt good when Celebrity Chef Selwyn Richards liked my post but it felt more amazing when followers mention the fact that I havn’t been posting lately and that they miss what I have to say 🙂 . Thank you for being a part of our world it makes it even more inspiring for me and others on our Blog to write for all of you. Apart from the fact that two of them were my closest acquaintance, others have been following us through Even more surprising when all of them mentioned it to me on the same day.. Wow! I am truly touched by your love and encouragement. So happy you guys like what I write and what I share. Although mostly they are divergent. Truth is I can’t just sit down and write whenever, I’m massively propelled through inspiration (not just encouragement, it’s something you fellow bloggers would relate to agree). I cannot write or even for the fact fall in love if im not inspired, otherwise things would be so mundane and more than you guys losing interest in me I’d lose interst in me too.

My grandfather is a viviant reader at this age (96) and that’s why we subscribe to plenty of books, esp the one’s the Reader’s Digest have to send. The best book from RD was the book on Super Salads apart from others (I’d slowly unravel them to you in future posts). It is an amazing copy, has all varieties and colors of salads with serious combinations and tastes.

Super Salad -RD

I really loved the concept of Summer Salads. It’s subtle, colorful and when made out of fresh ingredients gives you the right combination of taste. These ingredients are also easily available and all you have to do is be creative and use your taste instincts to create your own salads. That’s what I love about salads is that you don’t need to be afraid to start afresh. I kinda improvised it a bit with my own strategies and experimentation.

Summer Salad


1 Cup Sliced Cucumber

1 Cup Sweet Corn

1 Green Apple Flavored Yogurt

1 cup Fresh sliced Mango pieces or Strawberry pieces. (not too ripe and not too raw)

Brine cured pitted Green Olives.

1 cup Olive Oil

Few Lettuce Leaves (optional)

Few Crab Sticks (optional)

Chaat Masala (optional)


Summer Salad 1 : Deseed the cucumber and slice into very small cubes. Add the sweet corn (use fresh sweet corn, as I feel the frozen are not so juicier) and Mango Slices to it and your salad is ready. Add the Green Apple yogurt only when you are about to serve. garnish with fresh basil.

Summer Salad 2: Deseed the Cucumber slice to very tiny tiny cubes, add the sweet corns and some cured/pitted olives. Add strawberries or sliced mango pieces.Garnish with basil and some olive oil . Voila!  you summer sald is ready.

Here’s a Korean touch -slightly sauté the lettue leaves in the olive oil. Eat every bite of the salad with the letttuce leaf it makes it crunchier and yummilciously Korean. For more Western – Add stir fried Chicken Breast Pieces to the Salad 2. If you wanna turn it into Indian sprinkle some Chaat Masala (garnish) on Salad 1, but chaat masala goes well more with mayonaise i guess. Again suiting your palates. try combinations and innovate your own selfish tastes.  Like Surimi (Crab Sticks) to make it more Japanese.

I do not use Onions and Tomatoes to my salads, although you may see most of them using these almost in every Indian Salad maybe that is also why I don’t, it pushes me away. I find the Onion too strong and the Tomato with lot of water content in it spoils the texture. Now here’s the thing, if you wanna use em’ slice them round and place it together in a seperate serving platter not including them with these. I don’t think they go with these, So Dont!

I added Green Apple Flavored yogurt, ‘cos it adds the citrus flavor of green apple to the salad making it tasting better with other added combinations than the usual mayonaise or anyother. You can pick and create your own flavor to the dish that soothes your taste buds.

I wish I could have uploaded few pictures sadly I don’t have them ready now. But once I do I will update onto the post. But here’s a thought how about you guys try it and click a picture and email us here and we will post your Super Colorful Salad Photo on our Blog~Azine with Credits.

Do leave your comments in the comment box below and follow La Amusant for more Recipes from me.

Until Next Time.

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