Nor a virgin
Neither married-
My all claims
To matrimony
By the very same
Sacrimonial fire
Which blessed
My union.
My grief
All colour
From life
And clothes
At the loss
Of a friend
-or foe?
I was only
Coming to know.
His tastes
-easy to please.
His family
Not so.
Always less.
Always more.
Never enough.
What was i then?
This same question
I now ask-
What am i then?
I still was
many things;
many things
still not.
Judged too human
They thought me a God.
But mere earthlings
A lone way know-
Of ascending to Heaven
From down below-
Bursting into flames
Like the Sun.
I lightened up
The dark sky.
Fools they,
Wished a wish
For me to relay
As my ungodly screams
Deafened the Heavens.
Then, more wood
More ghee
To hasten
My journey-
I was a God now.



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