Kimchi’s Diaries

Kimchi is a famous Korean Side Dish, healthy tasty and can be preserved for a longer time, infact the longer you preserve the better it tastes. Ain’t that a fabulous quicky for the Bachelor and the Bachelorettes.

I got introduced to Kimchi while I interned at the Korean Public Relations Office, Koreans are very homely and lovely people. They strive towards being exemplary, emotional nationalistic and fashionable. They love and live K-POP. Each country have their own cultural potrayal which surprises another. Korean Culture is just as different as any other country.
(I am talking about South Korea).

Hanbok, Korean Traditional Dress

Korean Dramas and Movies were long on my list before I could even try Korean Food. Well I love variety, a you can tell from our site we touch almost all kinds of genres, that’s cos we don’t like to restrict our flow of inspiration, whenever, wherever, however it wants to travel we allow and let it take the front seat. I personally don’t like just one genre whether its music, movies, travel, clothes, food, shoes, etc. Infact this helps us to understand life through a prism, easier to grasp life making you flexible.

Hmmm.. Korean Zone is quite simple once you start watching them, with mankind’s most amzing discovery “The Subtitles” it is easily accessible to every human. Here’s the silver lining of Korean Genre, you don’t have to sit and keep feeding yourself with seasons and series of non-stop episodes (Please John that is not my thing!) I like it crisp and fresh. Let’smove on and give Mary Lyle a chance and for other genres a “to get to know me” room to let them grow. I can’t let just the House of Cards ot the Revenge take my entire TV life-time and miss out on expansion of my human synthetic brain tissues . After 2 seasons I kinda lose the fun and the intimidation. I now feel I know who will die next. Anyways, to each his own. What I am carving here is KD has no such strings, the max you see are 16 or 20 episodes, we can live with that right? then occassionally you get 100 and more which you won’t watch cos of gazziliion other reasons. 

But I tend to enjoy these crisp epistles as they are fun and they end soon! Period! 

If you are checking out for the first time then start with “Rooftop Prince”, a very beautifully depicted Romance-Comedy with a touch of Suspence Genre. I mean the overall formation is comedy, I swear you’l laugh so much and enjoy the time travel gap. The story is about a Prince, from Joseon era travels through time with his few fellow trustworthy men into the modern world where he and the main characters exist with a modern life and names. The story is about investigating a murder, somehow fate magically transports them forward to 300yrs to fix the history’s secret. WOW! Brilliant unrealistic thought. Do watch it, it’s hilarious, comic, time gap funny moments. You will enjoy, Crying-Laughing-Laughing-Crying especially with his fellowmen. How they try to fit in to this world whilst solving a case.

Here’s what I do when I watch a new genre, I let go of all my inhibitions by shruging off and try to watch them with a new open mind. What does Korean have to offer you, what is their idea of life and happiness, well we as people tend to subconsciously keep a standard. we go by them, each time we experience something better or worse, we either raise or alter our line according to our exposure. What we forget is what the other person has to offer. we tend to look for more by overlooking at things (like Rafiki says Simba Look Haaarder..). I agree our expectations are a bit pricy and hard to please with our maturity and wildeyed frenzy but common people, we can’t just sit and judge others with the smallest of what we have seen and known. So let’s take a back seat when someone offers you and relish it as a first timer of everything. Be it Job, Fashion, Movies, Cooking, Dating too.. Thats how I started experimenting with French, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Iranian, Pakistani etc. we also learn a lotta perspectives in life. we try to look and stop overlooking, we dismantle our fears and absorb the elements of the earth. (Too deep?)

I will do more of Korean Dramas, Movies, Recipes, etc. for now I will post you how to make a Kimchi as you would be watching and hearing this more on every Korean movie, drama etc. It’s their national dish.  It’s Daebak (amazing) as you say in Korean. The things about Kimchi is that its like me it doesnt need to restrict it’s flavour just for one dish it can be tried with any course of dish. I am going to leave the link right below directing to the recipe do check it out.

Kimchi Recipe

Until Next Time.


3 thoughts on “Kimchi’s Diaries

  1. It’s great to find others that share my view. For one, I like many things. I too get bored if I’m on one thing to long, be it food or media. I love Kpop!! It’s fun and creative and innocent. American MVs nowadays is usually reduced to one word: twerking.One reason I’ve gotten into Asian dramas (Kdrama included) is it’s briefness. I’ve gotten to the point when I can’t stand 10 years of drama. In fact, I’m doing good if I make it to 5 seasons. (I even have an equation about how for 99% of shows it should end at 5 seasons). Another is the lightheardness. I’m not gonna get into my 101 reasons why I can’t stand and/or why Hollywood bore me nowadays…but I get tired of the “darkness” they want to put in it all the time. I watch the news, I don’t need to see it my shows. Have you see Boys Over Flowers or Kill Me, Heal Me? I too watch with an open mind, which is why I don’t understand people who judge it from their worldview. Just enjoy what you enjoy. You don’t have to understand everything. And of course, I LOVE KImchi!! We made it before as well as bought it. In fact Kimchi made it to my radar way before Kdramas did. lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep. Boys over flowers was my first and I was completely smitten by kill me heal me and it’s acting. I’m happy to see we think alike. Yes I get tired of darkness as well with everything around the world pitching us already. Thank-you for your views.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow, same here. BOF was my first Kdrama and I ADORED Kill Me, Heal Me. I love the song Auditory Hallucination! Gives me such feels. Yeah, I want my media to make me happy. You are welcome!

        Liked by 1 person

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