Kimchi Diaries: Kimchi Recipe

Kimchi (Kimchee) is a famous traditional delicacy of Korea. You can combine it with any food as an added flavor. If  you are here you should prolly check out more on our Kimchi Diaries about more Korean exploration.

Ingredients :     


One Cabbage medium sized

1/2 cup Sea Salt /Kosher Salt


1-2 tablespoon garlic paste 

1-2 tablepoon Sugar

2-3 tablespoon Fish Sauce

1 tablespoon Saeujeot / Korean Salted Shrimp

4-5 tablespoon Gochugaru (Korean Red Pepper)

Few Diced Daikon Radish

4-5 Scallions trimmed and sliced


In a large bowl cut the cabbage into quarter strips and toss salt, and masage the salt thoroughly into the cabbage, until it softens the leaves. Cover the cabbage with cold water and place them in room temperature for atleast 24 hours. 

Remove the cabbage from the salted water and gently sqeeze out excess water and place them seperately

Add the rest of  the ingredients in a blender make it a paster or just cstir until you feel it is combined and add the cabbage to the mixture and mix thoroughly with you hands untill it has coated fully. 

Store it in a air tight jar/container and seal the jar and let it sit for 24 hours or more and open the jar. You will see the fermentation process has started, it also allows to let the gasses escape. Again close the lid and save it for about a week.


Your Kimchi is ready. Store them in the refrigerator. 

Note: You can have Kimchi with Noodles, Rice, or just Soju, etc. as a side dish. It is healthy with low calories, high fiber, protien, and nutrient filled. Has powerful antioxidizing agents. Promotes Digestion, acts as anti-aging, boosts immunity and also as an anti obesity function.

You can improvise with your own innovative ideas and veggies, like making it more hot or subtle as per your palate. Also comment us suggestions and your recipes. For more such delicacies like and follow us @Le Amusant.

Until Next Time.

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