Horrifying Comedy

While there are some Bollywood movies that have been successful in scaring the shit out of us, there are some that turned into a complete comedy and i decided to list out few of them. Read along and have a hearty laugh.


This movie is all about a group of collegians who are forced to take shelter in a mysterious Krishna Cottage for the night. Little do they know that the cottage is haunted by a spirit. The movie is all about mundane humor, soulless songs and a beautiful reincarnated ghost.(Surprise…surprise!) I am still muddled thinking as to why all reincarnated ghosts are the gorgeous ones. Oh wait! There is more, Rathi Agnihothri is seen as the one who does the entire chit chat with the spirits and her full white attire in the entire movie makes her look more like the ghost.  Overall the movie is hilarious with overdose of acting and a predictable script yet again.


This movie is all about our smoking hot Bengali beauty with her smoking hot body and steamy scenes.  Bipasha aka Bips takes this horror movie to a whole new level and manages to turn it into a complete disaster. Although I do understand the director tried hard to scare the living daylights out of us with an over frustrated and over- white skinned twin ghost who sets out to seek revenge from her alive and sexy sister. But the meaty chunks hanging all over Karan Singh Grover’s body is a complete distraction, not to mention the intimate songs and bedroom scenes. Karan did give the twin ghost a tough competition.



This movie is a sequel to the first one which seemed pretty decent with a decent and not so annoying ghost.  But the sequel takes this movie to another level of imagination with our baby doll and super-hot figure Sunny Leone. People run to the theatres hearing that name not giving a damn about the story or the script. The bold and saucy scenes totally make us forget that this was supposed to be a horror flick. This movie has everything including some pumping music and distracting intimate scenes except horror. By the time we realize it is a horror movie in the last two minutes, the movie is already over.


When we talk about this movie, all we can remember is a sizzling performance by Malaika in the end making our mercury levels go up which had been all time low throughout the movie. The movie is about a wildlife expert and a few tourists team up with a village chief in order to battle a supernatural entity responsible for killing several tourists. Well this movie gives us a three hour long tour inside the forest with some boring horror/psycho village guy plot but the film tries sending out the message on protecting the precious wildlife of India



This movie defines the true meaning of horror. (With a sardonic grin) The movie tries its best to be one of its kinds in the history of horror. The movie is about two shape-shifting snakes, living ages ago, are unable to consummate their relationship due to a god man’s curse. But, they are destined to meet in the 21st century as human beings. This movie has a heavy star cast but a failed script. However the movie tries to scare us with a mix of snake mythology, reincarnation and a bunch of techie effects in which it clearly did not succeed.



When you watch this movie you will be forced to ask HUM KAHAN HAIN (where are we?) after you wake up from a deep slumber. This movie is about a family moves into an isolated new house and begins to notice strange occurrences in the household. This movie is all about the same old plodding drama with spooky old bungalow and mind numbing ghosts. Sigh! I am tired of these spooky old bungalows already!


The secret (Raaz) behind a successful horror flick according to this movie is some skin show, caterwauling scream almost rupturing our eardrums and some Bollywood rhythmic tunes. The story is about Shanaya, a famous actress who feels threatened when Sanjana, a young starlet makes her debut. She turns to black magic to ruin her professional and personal life. Yet again Bips in this movie tries her best to distract us flaunting her toned body and abs. Overall; this movie was a complete flop with bad acting and monotonous script.


This movie is yet again about a spooky bungalow and a newly married couple. This movie is about Arjun and Lisa who are in love with each other and move to a haunted mansion, unaware of the danger that awaits them. However, when Lisa gets possessed by a demonic spirit, Arjun decides to save her. Why is it that such innocent and pretty looking girls who are turned into demons always? I want to see some good looking men being taken over by the demons for a change. What say fellas?


4 thoughts on “Horrifying Comedy

  1. oooooooooh I like the sound of ‘1920’. It is date night in the willow Household. So that means my daughter stays over at her Gran;s house and me and my better half -eat munchies and watch movies. I hope to find this one on NetFlix. Sometimes the best films turn out to be ones you don’t expect.

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