More Manga

Ange was telling me the other day I should take up drawing classes for kids.. True.. If I was patient enough.. I would explore my talent with them. But I’d personally feel – let your kids explore their own art. Sending them to art workshop is nice but I feel it channels them to restriction and they fail to open the boxes inside their head themselves. You let someone else open for them they fail to see what else is left out inside them.  Give them a paper and a pen. In fact paper is small giv them a big art board.. The bigger you give the more they’d want to fill in.. Let them open their own minds, their color boxes, exploring, scribbling your walls. Do not shout at them.. Encourage their website their blogs their own way of doing things.. If they wanna game, good it expands strategical thinking. I wrote my mom letters on the wall (Ahem) Weneve I thought my mom’s love was sliding away from me wen she pampered other kids in front of me I’d write her a letter in sm corner of the house.

” Dear Mom, I don’t think you love me any more….  Bla bla bla..
– luv Kezia”

Dad did not repaint the walls, we wanted it to be preserved.. Then v moved I guess the new tenants would have read that nd thought wat kinda kid lived here!!!! Lol..
It reminds me of a song by Miranda Lambert- The House That Built Me, its a beautiful memory lane number.
Having said all that the below is another Manga I wanted to share in this Art Room ..


❤ Kezia

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