Over Roast?

Tanmay’s roast, comedy or tragedy?
Do leave your voice below, it matters.

Tanmay Bhat of AIB Comedy crew, used Snapchat’s face swap to imitate Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar hoping it would be a comic wonder made India Angry and is still being thrashed on Social Media and other news channels.
Yes, a failed attempt to take it to the funny place but was it so hurtful that we’d sue him to apologize?

Tanmay Bhatt

In fact Mumbai police is investigating on this matter to sue Tanmay Bhat
Should Tanmay be penalized to apologize.
Do you think it was an act of disrespect towards Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar? Or would you say India is over-reacting at this point.

Snapchat face swap images

Le Amusant would be glad to open a opinion pole to know your views.
Feel free to comment

Would you call it an Over Roast?
Let us know your views through the comment box below.

Until Next Time.

2 thoughts on “Over Roast?

  1. I think people need to embrace humour but if it offended the person in question an apology can’t do any harm.A bold Comedy culture should be encouraged in all parts of the world. Life is way too serious enough as it is. People in the public need to get their head around the idea that they are chose to be in the public and with that comes privileges and scrutiny and a chance of being admired, hated annd mocked and used for comedy.

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  2. What is humor? If making making fun of others or doing a mockery at the cost of someone’s dignity and hurting lot of people along the way is humour. Then the purpose of humour is defeated. Please define humour in an unselfish manner.


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