Globetrotters ~ The Land Of Poetry & Lush Gardens

Hello All. We are happy to receive such an amazing response from everyone. It encourages and inspires our team to publish some amazing stories and experiences. Here again we decided to interview one of our friends for our Travel Section as promised. Hope you enjoy reading it and if you want to reach us for any such stories, you can always mail us or follow us on twitter or Facebook.

Myself and Diksha have been neighbors for two years now and the one thing we never get tired of is chatting and gossiping .Sometimes we would blather for long hours about random things. Diksha is timid yet dominating. She loves travelling and visiting new places but she is hypersensitive to road travels, which is why she usually prefers other modes of transport. She loves to capture the scenic beauty in each place and enjoy every moment in her own way when on a travel mode. Diksha was happy enough to share her experience about her travel to Iran.


I am more of a planner. I need to be systematic otherwise I can be a mess. I look for change…and I like to see new places because I tend to get bored of my daily life routine and a tedious lifestyle. I like to observe and learn the lifestyle of the people from other countries,their culture and the natural beauty. But then it totally depends on the place and also the cost…I prefer a mid way between luxury and low. But at times luxury is nice to pamper oneself, also depends what my parents have in their plan coz I travel at their expense. 😛 

I also remember going to Dubai, I would have gone to places before that but I remember that trip. I think I was 9 or 10 years old. I have stayed in Nigeria for a few years, I have been to Dubai, Paris, Egypt, Hong Kong, Macau, Nepal… In India, I have been to a few places but the most extraordinary were Leh, Ladakh.

Yet, I don’t have any favorites as every place is different and beautiful in what it has to offer.

I have visited only one city in Iran…that is the capital city, Tehran. My father works there and I visited during my holidays with family. Their official language is Persian(very similar to Hindi and Urdu… just that the accent is different so one may take time to understand). Iran is a culturally rich country with a lot of European influence. The people are modern yet culturally inclined. 

Even the tourists have to wear a scarf to cover their heads. I was not used to that initially…but later I got used to it…and the scarf keeps slipping off my head so I started using pins to keep it in place(but majority of the year is winter… so the scarf works out for me)…and also the fact that vegetarian food is not available everywhere we restricted ourselves to stay in the main city or at home.

The locals are friendly, accepting and very helpful. They are very fond of Indian Cinema and TV Shows. Most movies are dubbed in Arabic or Persian for the locals.

There are a lot of beautiful gardens in Tehran. I was awestruck with the picturesque mountain scenery. The city is covered with such beautiful elevations  and can vary from dry dusty mountains in the summer to snow-capped in the winters.

The food, since we being vegetarian and most of their local cuisine were non-vegetarian food like kebabs and things like that, we had a lil tough time. Their tea is very nice (it is served without milk and sugar). They make different kinds of Rotis that are available at a very cheap rate and they can be had plain or with cream cheese or honey. They have a large variety of fruits – Peaches, Berries and mostly those found in colder countries(tropical fruits are mostly found in the southern region, I have not visited the south) and dry fruits that are seasonal. People buy these in kilos and kilos.


The locals here don’t really understand much of English…and once trying to explain something to someone… my brother combined English-hindi-tamil (Indian Languages) and tried to explain something it was really funny.. yet the person my brother was talking to didn’t understand a thing. 😛 .. It was the most fun part of my travel!

Iran was very pleasing experience for me, the people I met were very warm and welcoming.

If I have to offer tips.. well.. take a scarf 😛  and if you are a vegetarian carry some basic food with you, but I think it is not that bad. When I went to Paris(2004 or 2005) and Egypt(2004 or 2005), many people did not even know what vegetarian meant. But here it is pretty good.  You can get basic bakery items, pizzas which won’t make you go hunger-struck.

I cannot imagine life without travel, be it going from one city to another or  from one country to another … I have had  quite a adventurous life and I am looking forward for more such experiences. 

Le Amusant wishes Diksha good luck on her travel venture. More travel stories and experiences yet to come through our Blog~azine. Like us and follow our site to stay amused. If you have stories and ventures that you’d want to share and published on our site. Do contact us


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