Those Tiny Bundle Of Joys

It’s coming June.. And I am anxiously waiting for my Sister’s family arrival from Mauritius. You heard it right anxious, tensed, stressed, but more confidante(No I am not, but i keep saying to myself we can do this!).

It’s not about them it’s all about the kids! I love kids, they are cute, cuddly, brainy, with a tinch of flabbergasting extra terrestrial invasion techniques.  Big Words for Tiny FeeT!!


My niece (2) and My Nephew (1) yes you can hire them all one by one for a day of fun if you are going through a dull phase. They will make sure you freak out of your slothfulness and sobriety.

5 mins of silence around them indicates threatening full-on unguarded attack strategy. No they wont be shooting bullets and bombs, which are easy to detect and diffuse. They have super aerodynamic friction free (How do they use these ?) artillery at their disposal. And you are one teeny tiny unarmed already failed personnel in surrender for captivity.

Yes we need to be fully prepared with  some gas masks, protective helmets and untraceable number locking system inside the house. They can easily take my house down with irreparable costs. Before you know it, they would have tore up the pieces and applied jello on your shoes and tied you to a tree for alligators to feed on you. If you don’t watch it they’d pour snow (milk powder) all over themselves and you for the ants. And Clean your laptop with water and soap. Having said that one of our laptops has no keys on them.

Also i’m starting to think they will be redecorating my walls with their artistic talent persuasion. My mom already is teaching me to learn to give up on the ones I love. And walk guarded at nights. Their days starts when our nights end! Thank God I’m nocturnal but I have to be prepared. I want to be prepared. I am prepared.. I guess.. or may be not.. They are extremely smart and sensitive. They can easily boycott and get things done. My shares and stocks in this house has been going down on its values for sometime now. I am starting to think they will overtake my place. With their cute smiles and seducing subtle smooth talks. Beautiful round eyes and teeny tiny marsh mellow feet.

My niece’s “Hello Gramma” “Merry Christmas” “Goldilocks” audio chats are already topping the charts on our podcasts.

(I’d upload it but word press thinks I should upgrade from free to upload.. I mean seriously WP! Ouch 😦 .. but they are so cute may be I should mail it to You (WP) – their Curious George, Goldilocks stories and You’d def fall into their trap ;)..)

These two Lion Cubs start by playing like floating cloud angels and end up biting and pushing each other. If you get caught in between they join hands and take you down making you feel sorry to have trespassed their territory.

It all sounds so cute and funny when I type these yet its not. You’d  question your existence and take God’s name in honesty and integrity of all times to seek his help and an emergency place in his kingdom! All moms can relate to this. Especially the ones with two or three.. I would like to send out a worldwide big Global HUG from Team Le Amusant for Moms. Without you its impossible for them to even be here! You make them happen and they make it happening. But you happen to withhold the happening which is quite Amazing. We love you. No School can teach these tricks and techniques you come up with to diffuse their adrenaline rush.

People they are always on the run as if an avalanche is chasing them. My sis has to come up with some reverse psychology techniques to control the damage and the consequences after. A minute of distraction gives you an hour of negative impact. Powder Explosion, Lotion Lakes, Rice bag Tsunami, Poop Research, Cub Board Hurricane, etc. You name it they’ve achieved it. You survived? Wow! Medical Miracle.. Let’s be grateful for your Second Life.

Having said all that, We love them KING size which gives them their Wild Card Entry.. :-*

Can’t imagine our boring lives without these munchkin militants.

If you think it’s all about cuteness do Like and Comment on our section below. If you also have cute stories, pictures to share about your kids email us, we will publish on our Bundle Of Joys Section.

Until Next Time.


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