Discovering The Creative Bud

Way back when I was a kid, me and my gang of friends desperately would want to get out of our homes and create a ruckus and nuisance in the neighborhood till the neighbors shouted at us in vexation. The best day for us would be the April fool’s day when we get to play some really nasty pranks and take revenge from the neighborhood aunt that we hated the most.  However we used to play a prank on everyone residing in that colony and once we all decided to prank my own mother. So me and my friend bought some tomato sauce and draped it all over my body to make it look like blood. (We ended up licking half of it)


So my friends ran to ring the doorbell and acted all worried.  My mom saw me from a distance and that’s when my friend pinched me to act like I was crying in pain. My mom stepped forward with worry in her eyes but suddenly she remembered it was the day we all nasty kids played some nasty pranks on everyone. Well! The prank was a failure but through this hilarious incident I wish to bring to light how kids have slowly lost their creativity and imagination which is now captured in a box called television and Xbox.


Many kids today are busy gaming on television and with the coming of Xbox nonetheless gaming has been taken to another level. I still remember when I was a kid we played a game called office office where we had to choose a country and write our proposal to do business in that country. Whoever prepares the best proposal wins the game and becomes the CEO or the boss of the company for the next round. It would sound funny now but when you are a kid there are no limits to your imagination and the kind of innovative and new games we would come up with every day is something kids are deprived of these days.

My two year old cousin operates a mobile phone with such ease and she loves watching cartoons.( Won’t forget to mention that she is a crazy fan of frozen movie) But she loves it when she is surrounded by lot of people. Right from building houses of cardboards, doing finger painting, baking, dancing and camping under houses built of chairs, we did it all. Children from very young age should be thought to play such creative games as this would help them develop their personality. The aim is to help them develop some life skills right from the young age. This would happen only when they interact with other children and indulge in such activities and games.

You would be thinking that school is enough to shape their personality and make them a confident person but many of us are unaware that they grasp a lot from what they see at home and in the neighborhood. So get your child out, come up with something creative and do some crazy stuff with your kid and cousin and you would notice the difference in few months.

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