Remember To Forget

Here are a few things we almost all the time forget to do in our day to day lives. If you do relate in this same boat.. Do come On Board with us by Liking our post and Comment below if you think we have missed much more sensible things that you do.


How many of us..

  1. Have walked into a room and forgot what you came in for and then start saying ABCDEFGHIJKL… to remember?
  2. Called someone and forget what you wanted to say?
  3.  Hid something from someone and forget it yourself? 10683864_1615927915362094_1584390803_n
  4. Forget your own phone number at least for a second when someone asks?
  5. Forget the name of your friend and never call them by their name at that moment out of embarrassment and act guilty friendly and later ask your other friends or refer facebook?  appreciate-the-new-guy
  6. Take your mobile and go blank on who you wanna call? and then start saying ABCDEFGH…
  7. Make a wrong phone call and start haphazardly talking to a stranger  without realizing you are doing so until the stranger gives you a time out! ?
  8. Forget that you are wearing your glasses and start looking for them? post-21-0-64171900-1372860952
  9. Save eatables in refrigerator for later and forget about it? It’s been quite some now may be you should go check.
  10. Open refrigerator and forget what you wanted to pick?
  11. Forget to brush your teeth at times thinking you have already brushed? Or go brush again thinking you did not?
  12. Forget to say grace before food and later in between say a superfast grace and also realize you already said grace and eat confusingly. Amen.
  13. Call a cab and forget the destination name for a moment there? ummm…
  14. Forget your password and create new password then it prompts your new password cannot be same as old password.


Right Steve!

Until Next Time.


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