8 Invisible Smart Traits Within Ourselves

Well Well Well.. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you let youself watch your series marathon without hurting yourself and your machine. Yes people, as much as we hate to admit it, we make love to our gadgets more than we do to our loved ones.

I know we do have a tendency to watch shows in the night, Unlike Ange who is totally a morning person (Dude!.. She wakes up by 6 am, and hits bed by 10..! can you believe it?! You better do cos otherwise you and me will be reading another post on how to wake up early in  5 simple steps.. Ahem!). Whereas I hit bed late in the wee hours, in fact I can think and write only in those hours, Not just ‘cos the city sleeps but even the hustle bustle day times keeps me off of inspiration. I can only commit to think in its serenity at night times. So now we all know how Ange completes me 😉 (Love you Ange)..

Getting back to the subject. As much as intriguing and effectual it feels to watch the dramas, or movies in the night, (in this case we are talking about series and marathons) we’d like for us to have a theatrical experience, in fact we try to sort out a place and decorate it with theatrical sound system, extra woofers, surround sound just to give that one push extravagant feel on the couch.

The exact FEEL GOOD moment after sometime!

As much as it is worth it to create an  atmosphere for your feel good movies/series. Let’s keep some of these things jotted below in mind.

  1. Enough Lights To Strain Less. Well we do like a lights off picturesque experience but I would suggest keep enough dim lights around to make it let stressful for our eyes. By switching off all the lights, you are only giving pressure to your eyes, especially when you are watching a continuous drama series or a movie marathon. It’s already being done in the theater for you which you enjoy once in a month or quite often, so let’s not give more stress to our eyes and pupils which looks like it’s been abused in the morning. Hence we declare the need to keep minimal lights to reduce the strenuous effect for our eyes.
  2. Water Water Everywhere, Still You Don’t Drink! Here’s the tip, drink loads of water, as much as we eat much in between, please fetch yourself some two to three bottles of water before we start our race, cos after it starts though you can pause you won’t be able to pause as much as you forget that you can control it as it controls you subconsciously. YES people, we must keep hydrating our body just as much as we would be running, as a lot of emission of heat is being exchanged between you and your laptop/tv/computer etc. in whatever mode that you would be watching it is generating certain amount of heat, along with your body spending certain amount of heat, and the Water here acts as a fire extinguisher for the human system. Drinking average amount of water everyday can be a challenge to some people, technology has diffused us there too.
  3. Keep It Distant Keep It Cool. Maintain yourself fair amount of distance from the system (laptop/TV/computer). It helps in minimizing the heat transfer and also the stress in our eyes. The more the distance the better, It distributes the heat everywhere than directly on your lap or towards your skin/body. Make sure you and the system stay at a cool place, with air-conditioning, or good breeze flying in to suck the heat off of you both. Make sure the room is ventilated and not stuffy.

    Run Jack Run, Save the Day!
  4. The Switch Off Mode. Switch off your laptop’s power source once in a while to let the machine cool down, although its not possible for other system, if so you can try that too. But You can let it run in its battery for a while until it can process, rather than making the machine suck dry charged to let it cool down.
  5. It’s ok to PAUSE!! As much as we all know, let’s Pause!!!!!! (P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~U~~~~~~~~~~~~~S~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~E) Yes PAUSE please, Yes WE CAN! Now we fail to understand the psychology of technology. Technology slowly controls the human body and nature, as much as you study and develop the gadgets for the market we also fail to see what’s coming, you’d understand what I am talking about if you’d watch Ex Machina! Slowly and seductively she locked him and crept out into the world. God knows if he ever made it out, he was willing to forsake Mankind for her. But we don’t have to hold our pee in our whatever the mandatory human things you need to perform for the sake of the next scene, Of course all the scenes performed and showcased there are to keep you mutated in so that you don’t miss out on their forth coming episodes and scenes no matter how unreasonable and illogical they seem. we still wanna hold it in to finish our scene. Please pause the damn thing and pee. Yes and while you are out there, make sure you shower too.

    I have absolutely No Comment for people who use this!
  6. It’s OK To EAT. If we are doing an all night marathon, let’s make it clear, you are straining not just your eyes, your stomach too, I realize you would have had your dinner and that’s all you should eat but the truth is while you were generously feeding your soul with your series, our stomach is fervently strained too, letting your emotions fly with your soul. hence it is very much legal to feel your stomach with food. I’d prefer ice cream, It not only soothes my emotions it also cools my stomach, try something light like munch’s. I won’t name any but will leave it to your choice. I’d have a stock of cup cakes, biscuits, etc. all the time . I mostly prefer almonds and raisins which also strengthens my mind and body along with being good calories too. If you have trouble thinking out putting on weight keep drinking any juices, makes yourself a Mojitos or keep in stock some easy drinks and fill the tank up.

Wanna hit bed now? Here are two tips that can help your head and eyes cool.

  1. Distract your thought. It is proven that whateve you think or watch before going to the bed is what evolves in your mind and head throughout the night. The series of watch action, fights, bloodshed, sword-fights, sickle fight, beheading, hurting, crying, screaming, etc is all inside your head digesting in your sleep. Here’s what you can do, as much as your eyes can pop out and fall watch one episode of FRIENDS (who doesn’t love F.R.I.E.N.D.S), or Tom & Jerry or anything that can make you smile and get your mind off of frustrating sequences that would give you a disturbing sleep and you might wake up angry. That immediate change of vulnerability to dumb-shed will calm your senses. You can try music but visual impact dominates your audio hence try video.

    You already can’t stop thinking about them!
  2. Lets Pamper Your Eyes. Finally, put on an eye mask. Nuthing rocket science  – Just dab two pieces of cotton in chilled water and spread it on your eyes. Or place a cucumber on your eyes. It chills and lets your eyes soak in all the heat and helps cool down the heat.
Yes, Hold it right there!

Having said all this, we fail to put em in action, we read lotsa of tips, advice, people suggest us, educate ourselves, Yet we still procrastinate more than DO them. We take time to prioritize the wrongs one’s ahead of the smart ones. That’s humanly synchronized in our system by default. It high time we changed the programming be be smart in our daily small activities.

Until Next Time.

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