5 Annoying Yet Cute Things Our Parents Always Do


  • When your mom calls up every one hour and lectures you to come on time from school or college. And when you don’t get that hourly call you wonder that there is something seriously wrong with her or the sun rose from the wrong direction.


  • When your parents want to have a serious talk about your future in what they term it as ‘ the family talk’ and all you do is look for the emergency exit.


  • When your mom comes near you and whispers in your ear ” please get married before i get too old” and you wonder how selfish is that.


  • When you ask your parents something that flies over your cerebrum and they put you off by saying that you are not that old enough to understand all this.( yeah ! like everyone here is an Einstein)


  • When there is a kissing or love making scene on television and your parents react like they have seen a ghost and then there is two minutes silence in the room.


I believe every teenager and those living with their parents can relate to this but this is what makes them the most amazing people in our lives.There is no limit to their love and care for us which is why these small little things makes them so special .

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