GlobeTrotters ~ Thailand with Sam

Sambaran Mondal

Sam and I are good buddies we met through a social network and have been good friends since then. A fun loving, simple down to earth person who loves and lives travelling and a foodie like me. He is basically from Kolkatta,West Bengal and is now based in  Delhi through a Canadian Firm.

 ” I love Historical Places and Sea Beaches. I am a  foodie, passionate about photography.”

Sam had recently been to Thailand. Me and Ange pawned on him to be our first guest to contribute his Thai experience on our site. Sam narrates his experience and inspiration for exploration through our brief questionnaire session.

What made you chose Thailand a destination for your holiday?

I had to meet a friend. I also needed a Holiday and see places, but did not have much time. My love for beaches has always drawn me to sea-sides. White sands and transparent waters. Thailand became an obvious choice.

Tell us about your inspiration towards travel and exploration?

My desire to see places in real and experience everything associated around it. The nature, the place, the beauty, the culture, the people, the heritage, the history, the food. Everything. It opens my mind. It refreshes my soul.

He finds everything desirable about travelling right from packing his bags, the journey, the destination, the feel good experience, till he comes back with a sack full of photos and share his experiences. Every bit excites him.

When was your first travel experience that you would remember?

In My life – I have been travelling since childhood, with Dad, Mom& Brother to Puri, Orissa, way back in 1986, and Delhi in 1988-89.

This is my first trip to Thailand, I had been in  2014.

Are you a planner? Or a free spirit?

I am a planner. If I decide I have to go, I will sit down, Google and design the travel.

That’s right, the Sam I know would be so passionately driven towards his journey, in fact both of us wanted to travel to Philippines once, which ended up all by himself.

Tell us about Thailand, It’s Culture, Locals.

I loved the Country, Bangkok was a beautiful city. Loved the sexy places in Pattaya,beaches are awesome.  I enjoyed the Bangkok riverside and the pagodas. The grand palace of the King.

Locals are pretty nice. They are simple and more focused towards travelers.  Foreigners go there for night life. Very colorful indeed. Booze and party. However, there was lady-boys around too. Kinda awkward to me.. lol.. hahahaha

What was your memorable Thai food?

Thai food is mixed variety, little spicy, little sweet, subtle and delicious. I had some Thai seafood & soups. Thai Banana Pan Cake is something I can bring out of my memory –I hardly had time to relish great Thai food.

Was there any adjustment you had to make in a new country?

Absolutely not. The trip was smoothly planned and implemented. Hmm… Locating the Hotel in Pattaya was a little something…

Share with us your memorable or any funny experience.

I met a friend. We went to eat Thai food in the night. I was excited. I mingled with fellow travelers on the street (A senior New Zealand couple, residing in China) and shared a ride to Grand Palace, in Bangkok. I was amazed to see the huge multi storied buildings with enormously large ads. Never seen those before.

How would you rate your travel experience in Thailand

Worth visiting at least once in our lifetime. I would love to go back and experience other places, Koi Samui, Krabi , and more.

Do you want to share anything with our readers who are interested in traveling to Thailand any tips, advice, suggestion?

Pattaya – I don’t think it is at all a family holiday place. Especially don’t take your wife/spouse, If you are an Indian. It’s a chill out place, with friends, in my opinion. Bangkok is good, all around, it’s a nice city. But be cautious to land into any pub before knowing it.

Can you imagine life without travel?

Absolutely No! Travel opens up our minds. It rejuvenates and refreshes us from within, like a cleansing therapy from our long hard work-phase.   


This is not Sam’s first trip. Sam hallmarks all the attributes of being an experienced traveler. Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, etc. and also across India. IF you want to join Sam in his expedition in exploring different culture, nature and science of travel. You are most welcome to take his mentor-ship and guidance for your next travel destination in India and Asia. He can be contacted at  

We will see you soon with more such fascinating travel stories. Please feel free to comment and if you want to share with our readers your great expediting takes from your life, get in touch with us. We will make sure your story shines.

Until next time.

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