10 Weird Habits That Makes You Absolutely Normal

  • When you decide to take the stairs and press the elevator button on each floor. (Especially if you want to trouble your annoying neighbors).


  • There are still many adults out there who love to lick the cream from the biscuits like they have never eaten a cream biscuit before .But hey! That’s the whole purpose of having a cream biscuit.

oreo small

  • When you act like a weirdo, talking to yourself or behaving like a psycho once you are locked up in your room and no one is watching you.


  • When you listen to your favorite track and imagine yourself singing like a star onstage and why not? Every individual is a star in their own way.


  • When you apply fevicol or gumpaste in your hand and leave it to dry. The awesome feeling you get while removing that dried fevicol from your hand like peeling of a skin layer is unmatched.


  • Sometimes when there is no one watching, you would like to climb the escalators the opposite way.


  • I bet you still love to crack that bubble sheet and it remains your favorite game to beat boredom.


  • When great and innovative ideas strike you only when you are taking a shower or while sitting to poop.( dreaming while pooping is absolutely normal)


  • When you laugh like a mad person out of nowhere remembering something that happened a long time back and you just can’t stop laughing.


  • You still love to make mountains and drawings on your food plate like Picasso when your mom forces you to eat something you don’t like.untitled_drawing_by_diamond_heart_aj-d8l2eeawe would be happy if you would like to share with us any such weird habit of yours that you still are addicted to in the comment box below.

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