Losing weight the fun way!



There are so many magazines, blogs, websites that will give you thousand suggestions on how to lose weight. It seems like a herculean task to lose even one pound and all that the weighing machine does is leave us feeling even more discouraged. Maybe then we feel like taking up a diet plan and run through every magazine and website to find the perfect diet plan to lose weight fast and quick. After some days we might feel fatigue and our body tells us that it cannot take this anymore!

Trust me! I have been through the same phase except the part about the dieting plan because I am a big time foodie. There is no force in the world that can stop me eating from what I want and I am very sure there will be many people out there who love food but want to reduce weight. Don’t lose hope guys! There can be many other alternatives, stop blaming the food. I followed a particular diet and exercise pattern that has helped me reduce almost 17 kgs over a period of 6 months. I know it’s a long time because people want quick results. But hey! Nothing like losing weight naturally and in a healthy way right?



Day 1 –      100- 300 skipping

½ hour cycling

Brisk walking

Day 2 –     ½ hour treadmill (the speed depends on the person)

Squats – 30 -50

Lunges – 20-40

Day 3 –    ½ hour of any sport

Brisk walking

100 skipping

Day 4-      jumping jacks

Cross leg jumping jacks

Step ups


Long walk

Day 5 –   ½ hour dancing (just put on any music and dance like no one is watching)

Or just switch on any zumba video and start dancing

Good stretching exercises

100 skipping

Day 6 –   stretching exercises

Jogging or running

Day 7 –   swimming (there can be many non-swimmers out there so just dive into the pool and try water aerobics)



Day 1 –

morning-     a milkshake (most preferably banana because it gives you energy and is rich in potassium)

idli or dosa to go along with it or even bread as long as it is brown bread.

I egg

Afternoon-   2 different variety of veggies

Millet instead of rice

1 bowl dal and

Small bowl curd

Dinner      –      oats or ragi dosa

Or  Chapattis

1 veggie

Day 2-

Morning –            same

Afternoon-         fresh salad

Boiled chana



Dinner-              same


Day 3-

Morning –          same

You can choose for any other food option but the basic food pattern should be the same.

Afternoon-        same

Include fish instead of 1 veggie

Dinner –            try millet idlis, ragi roti and other healthy options

Day 4 –

Morning-          same

Afternoon-      I bowl rice

2 chappatis

Meat instead of 1 veggie

1 bowl dal or any other curry

Dinner-           same

Avoid chappatis while having it for lunch

Day 5

This day is for fasting or put yourself under one day of fruit diet and it detoxifies your body.  Keep having all different kinds of fruits and try juggle in with different fruits and create some yummy fruit salads.

Day 6 –

Morning –      same

( don’t skip your breakfast the next day as you might be super hungry)

Afternoon –   same

Dinner   –       same

Day 7

Morning –     same

Afternoon-    same

Dinner-   try treating yourself with something delicious and you deserve it after almost one week of self-control.

Try avoiding all kinds of junk food as they have no health benefits and only add on to create extra pounds. You many also think of cutting off carbonated drinks as the first move to losing weight as these are loaded with sugar and unnecessary chemicals. Other than that there is no harm in treating yourself with chocolate ice-cream and brownie once in a while provided that you continue with your exercise. it entirely depends upon your body when it comes to losing weight.So juggle up with all different exercises every day, make your own diet plan and try creating a healthy plus balanced diet and that’s when you will lose weight in a fun and healthy way.








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